White House bunker: White House, secret services, national guards deployed with the FBI from the start of the emergency

The White House was converted into a fortress as soon as the emergency was declared due to fears of violence in the US capital Washington. In addition to the Secret Service and the FBI, US National Guards have also been deployed here in preparation for the swearing-in ceremony of new US President Joe Biden on January 20. A multi-agency command center was also established in Washington to deal with any form of violence during the ceremony. All of Washington is guarded 24 hours from here.

Washington’s security transferred to multi-agency command center

The task force attached to the command center is due to meet for the first time Wednesday at the Washington Secret Service field office. Meanwhile, security arrangements will be discussed at Biden’s swearing-in ceremony on January 20. Entries of violence have also been found during the swearing-in since Trump’s attacks on the U.S. Capitol last week. President Donald Trump himself said on Tuesday that the American people were angry with the impeachment motion against him.

No need to take orders from anyone to act now

A former Secret Service agent, speaking to the Washington Post, said the creation of this task force ensures that better security arrangements are now being made in the United States. Unlike the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, the National Guards will no longer need an order to act. “No one needs to send an emergency call to the FBI SWAT team. Radiation protection, bomb detectors, riot control are all in place and ready.

15,000 U.S. Army Guards deployed

More than 15,000 US National Guards have been deployed to protect Washington. Of these 10,000 people will be deployed to the field from Saturday, while the remaining 5,000 guards will be put on hold. In an emergency, these soldiers will be immediately deployed.

Trump supporters may again commit violence

It is said that a large demonstration is planned in honor of Ashlee Babbitt, who was killed in the attack on the United States Capitol. Ashlee Bebbitt is a former Air Force employee who was shot at point blank range by a police officer as she tried to sneak into the speaker’s lobby during an attack on the Capitol. The United States has also issued an alert to all of its states to strengthen security around the Capitol buildings.

FBI and National Guards have expressed fears of violence

Following the violence in the Capitol last week, the FBI warned that days before the new President of the United States, Joe Biden took office, he allegedly organized armed protests in all 50 state capitals, including Washington. The United States National Standards Bureau has also warned of the possibility of riots next week.

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