White man urinates on Asian woman inside New York City subway car, passengers don’t know

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A disgusting case of a racial attack on Asians in New York, America has come to light. A woman was traveling on a train in New York, while a passenger urinated her. No help new york
A very disgusting case of a racial attack on Asians has been reported in New York, America. A woman was traveling in a New York subway car, meanwhile, a passenger urinated on her and her belongings in front of the passengers. Meanwhile, other passengers on the train did not help the 25-year-old Asian woman. Not only that, he continued to make videos. New York Police are now looking for the accused.

This incident of urinating on a woman takes place on Saturday afternoon. This woman was sitting on a northbound train. Meanwhile, a woman wearing a mask and black cloth came to the bench where she was sitting. The accused sat very close to the woman. The woman told Asianfeed: ‘When I looked to my right I saw that the accused had taken out his penis and put it towards me. He had urinated on me and my things. Urination was widespread everywhere.
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The accused was from Ghori Nasal, no arrests yet
The woman said we both looked at each other without saying anything. The day before the incident, a man from Sri Lanka in Manhattan was punched in the face inside the train. The Asian woman said that many passengers were traveling on the train, but no one said anything or came to their aid. The woman said the accused was Caucasian and was around 60 years old.

As the accused got off the train at the 75th Avenue station, the victim’s wife took a photo of him. There was an American flag on the accused’s jacket. The woman said she immediately wanted to go to the police and talk about the incident, but she was alone and they were scared. For this reason, the woman continued her journey. The woman has now filed a complaint with the police but no arrests have yet been made.

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