WHO approves Pfizer’s Corona vaccine, India will also take major decision today – World Health Organization lists Pfizer Biontech vaccine for emergency use

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The World Health Organization has cleared the emergency use of Pfizer’s Corona virus vaccine and will now showcase the benefits of this vaccine in countries around the world.
The World Health Organization has cleared the emergency use of the Corona virus vaccine from Pfizer and BioNtech. After the approval, the WHO said it would talk to countries there about the benefits of the vaccine through its regional offices located around the world. After the approval of this United Nations body, the way was opened for the use of the Pfizer Corona vaccine in countries around the world. At the same time, India will also take a big decision regarding the emergency use of the corona virus vaccine.

WHO-approved Pfizer vaccine
WHO will later conduct a full and detailed investigation into Pfizer’s approval of the Corona vaccine. The organization has also initiated the emergency use list process for the rapid delivery of Corona vaccine to poor countries. After joining this list, any corona vaccine will be easily approved for emergency use in countries around the world.

Today a big meeting on vaccine approval in India too
The Central Organization for the Control of Pharmaceutical Standards (CDSCO) Subject Matter Experts will be holding a major meeting today regarding vaccine approval. At this meeting, vaccines from Serum Institute of India, Pfizer and Bharat Biotech Pvt Ltd should be used urgently.

Pfizer’s Corona vaccine works
The WHO said after reviewing the Pfizer vaccine that it must meet criteria for safety and efficacy. After taking two doses of this vaccine, the likelihood of death from corona also decreases. The organization also said that we approved this vaccine early because there is no delay in reaching everyone’s dose.

Vaccine reach is everyone’s first goal
Mariaangela Simao, WHO’s Access to Medicines Program Manager, said it was a very positive step to ensure global access to the COVID-19 vaccine. But I would like to stress the need for an even greater global effort to maintain adequate vaccine supplies to meet the needs of priority populations everywhere.

Several countries have approved the Pfizer vaccine, including the United States and the United Kingdom
Pfizer’s Corona vaccine was first approved by the UK for emergency use. After which America also gave its approval to this vaccine. After that, many countries around the world, including the European Union, Israel and Saudi Arabia, approved the emergency use of the vaccine.

PM Modi gave the mantra of the year 2021: “ Medicine too, rigor too ”

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