WHO Chief Coronavirus: The world can now dream of ending the corona virus outbreak: WHO chief – World Health Organization chief says the world can start dreaming of the end of the coronavirus pandemic

The United Nations
The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday that the positive results of the corona virus vaccine trial meant the world could “conceive of the epidemic being over.” However, he also said that the rich and powerful countries should not crush poor and weak countries in this rush for the corona virus vaccine.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom warned the virus could be stopped but the road was still strewn with pitfalls. He said the corona virus outbreak has shown mankind its best and its worst. His argument was about abandonment and sacrifice, unexpected successes in science and technology and self-interest, accusations against each other and differences.

“We must face poverty, hunger, inequalities”
Highlighting the deaths and infections from the Corona virus at that time, Tedros said without mentioning the name of the country that the virus had grown and spread among all. The WHO chief warned in a virtual meeting that the vaccine would not reduce the hypersensitivity that caused it. He said that when the epidemic ends, we have to face issues such as poverty, hunger, inequality and climate change.

The WHO chief said a beam of light travels quickly through the tunnel, but the corona virus vaccine surely needs to be shared equally for the benefit of the global public and not as a private product. Otherwise, it will increase inequalities and become another reason for people to be left behind.

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