WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus warns of virus more deadly than Covid 19 to come: WHO chief warns

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The Director-General of the World Health Organization has issued a serious warning about the risk of the deadly virus. At the annual meeting of health ministers of the 194 countries of the WHO, Tedros Adhonom warned that the head of the world organization, Tedros Adhonom, said: “This world is in a very dangerous situation right now. »Washington
Amid the corona virus disaster, the Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhonom Ghebreyes, issued a serious warning about the risk of the deadly virus. Tedros Adhanom gave the warning at the WHO’s 194-country annual meeting of health ministers. He said, “This world will remain in a very dangerous situation at this time.” He said countries like America have been warned that even after the rapid introduction of the Corona virus vaccine, the threat will not be eradicated.

The WHO chief said as long as the corona virus and its variants spread, there should be no room for procrastination. He said, “Make no mistake, this won’t be the last time the world faces the threat of an epidemic. It is the developmental certainty that another virus will arrive that will be more contagious and deadly than this corona virus.
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“ 75% corona vaccine applied in only 10 countries ”
Tedros also told the coronation vaccine to hoarding countries. He said a “ scandalous inequality ” had emerged in the world due to the distribution of the corona virus vaccine. 75% of the world’s corona vaccine has been applied in just 10 countries around the world. He said new goals had been set to save the lives of people in poor countries. He asked countries that collect the vaccine to donate the vaccine to poor countries.

The WHO chief’s statement comes at a time when Corona cases have jumped to 16.71 crore worldwide. So far, 34.6 lakh people have died from this epidemic. Currently, the number of corona infection cases and deaths worldwide is 167,112,793 and 3,469,530. The United States remains the most affected country with the highest number of cases and deaths in the world. , respectively 33,141,158 and 590,516. India ranks second with 26,752,447 cases of corona infection.

Brazil is in second place with 449,858 deaths.
According to the data, in countries with more than 3 million cases, Brazil (16,120,756), France (5,667,330), Turkey (5,194,010), Russia (4,954,412), United Kingdom (4,480,760 ), Italy (4,194,672), Germany (3,659,990), Spain (3,647,520), Argentina (3,562,135) and Colombia (3,249,433). Brazil is second in terms of deaths from this epidemic, with 449,858 deaths. India (303,720), Mexico (220,493), Great Britain (127,986), Italy (125,335), Russia (116,812) and France (108,819) are the countries where more 100,000 people have died to date.

WHO chief warns against Corona

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