Who China Australian Beef Covid 19: WHO mixed up Chinese voice, said to be possible cause of Australian beef corona virus – which investigators back China claim Australian beef could have caused covid 19

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The World Health Organization hit the corona virus again in China, the WHO investigative team said the virus is unlikely to spread from the Wuhan lab. They also supported China’s claim that the corona virus originated outside of China. Beijing spread
The World Health Organization, once surrounded by accusations of covering up Chinese faults in the spread of the Corona virus, has once again added the tone of the dragon. The WHO investigative team that arrived in Wuhan said the virus is unlikely to spread from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. They also supported China’s claim that the corona virus had spread outside of China and that frozen beef imported from Australia could be the reason for the crown’s spread in Wuhan.

An investigative team of 14 WHO scientists concluded their month-long visit to China, saying Australia’s chain of cold chain products, like the Australian beef corona virus in Wuhan, could be the culprit. cause. The WHO statement matches the Chinese Communist Party’s statement in which it claimed the corona virus spread outside of China and reached Wuhan from there.

‘Corona virus is unlikely to spread from the lab’
WHO expert Peter Imbreck said further investigation was needed to see if the virus came from another country. Peter said on Tuesday that it is unlikely that the corona virus spread from a Chinese lab and may have entered the human body through a germ-carrying species (organism). WHO food safety and zoologist Peter Ben Ambarek made the statement Tuesday in an assessment by the WHO team investigating the possible occurrence of the corona virus in the city of Wuhan in central China. .

Significantly, the world’s first case of corona virus infection was found in Wuhan in December 2019. The Wuhan Institute of Virology collected a wide range of samples of the virus, which led to unproven claims that the virus has spread into the surrounding environment. However, China has dismissed this possibility and propagated the theory that the virus could have originated elsewhere.

Mike Pompeo strikes again at WHO
The WHO team visited hospitals, research institutes, a traditional market associated with the spread of the epidemic, and other places outside the institute. The team is made up of experts from 10 countries. The visit was carried out by the WHO team as China continues to refuse a call for an independent investigation into the matter. On the other hand, harsh criticism of the WHO statement has also started.

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has once again launched a scathing attack on the WHO. He said that’s why we left the wacho. We thought it was corrupt and politicized. He fell at the feet of Secretary General Xi Jinping in China. He said he didn’t believe investigators would have received everything they needed. He feared that the Chinese authorities might have influenced the investigation.

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