Who Coronavirus India: WHO-UNICEF is in the fray with India to fight against the macabre epidemic of coronavirus, giving them their help – which unicef ​​is fighting against the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India

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India is currently facing the most terrible form of the corona virus outbreak in the world. The second wave engulfed large numbers of people and the demand for essential goods increased. In such a situation, the UN spokesperson said his team in India was helping the administration to fight the Kovid-19.

A statement said it was delivering equipment and supplies to local governments. The World Health Organization and the UNICEF Oxygen Concentrator 7000 are engaged in the supply of 500 nasal devices and oxygen generating facilities for the supply of oxygen.

The World Health Organization organizes mobile hospital units and laboratories. 2,600 WHO field workers have been deployed to support health administration. Maharashtra also has experts from UNICEF.

Earlier, a spokesperson for UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutaraes said India had rejected the UN’s offer of assistance through the integrated supply chain and said the country had the necessary logistical support to deal with the situation. for.

“India said we have a strong system”
Farhan Haq, deputy spokesperson for the UN Secretary General, said: “We have offered assistance from our integrated supply chain when needed. We have been told this is not necessary at this time because India has a fairly robust system to deal with it, but we stand by our offer and are ready to do whatever we can to help.

‘Don’t charge India’
Haque said that the Chief Secretary to the UN Secretary-General, Maria Luiza Ribeiro Viotti, is in contact with India’s Permanent Representative to the UN TS Thirumurthy and other officials associated with the system regarding the status of Kovid-19 in India. Haque also said that the United Nations is ensuring that its international and national staff are protected in India so that the burden on the Indian health system does not increase.

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