Who Covishield Shelf Life: World Health Organization rejects Serum Institute of India’s proposal on the shelf life of Covishield: World Health Organization rejects petition from Serum Institute of India regarding shelf life of Covishield vaccine

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World Health Organization rejects Serum Institute of India petition Ceram Institute pleads for increased shelf life of co-virile vaccine WHO cited insufficient data, drug control in India will negotiate Geneva
The World Health Organization has rejected a petition to extend the shelf life of the Covishield vaccine created by the Serum Institute of India. WHO has said the data provided is not sufficient. The Serum Institute appealed to the WHO a few days ago to increase the shelf life of its vaccine from 6 months to 9 months.

What is the shelf life
The shelf life of any vaccine, from manufacture to end of use, is called the shelf life. Generally, it is associated with the expiration date of the vaccine. The use of the vaccine is prohibited after this period. WHO has also called for a meeting with the Comptroller General of Medicines of India (DCGI) to discuss the issue.

India has already approved the extension of the shelf life
India’s Comptroller General of Medicines has already extended the shelf life of Kovishield from six to nine months from the date of manufacture. In February, in a letter to the Pune-based Serum Institute of India, DCGI said it did not oppose extending the shelf life of Kovishield vaccine to 9 MB. This shelf life will apply. in the multidose glass vial (10 doses – 5 ml) of the vaccine.

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