“Who does he think he is?”, Casado’s stern response to Sánchez after presenting the economic stimulus plan

Published: Wednesday, April 14, 2021 10:45 a.m.

Pedro Sánchez explains to Congress the recovery, transformation and resilience plan for the country’s economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. A plan which details how the management and development of European funds will take place, which means for Spain the collection of 140,000 million euros in transfers and credits, but no date yet.

As the president underlined in the lower house, it is “the most ambitious plan of our country and will allow us to consolidate the recovery”. For this reason, he declared before the parliamentary groups that the executive will not miss “the opportunity” of what is “an administrative revolution to accelerate the management of public resources”.

Over the 2021-2023 period, $ 70 billion will be mobilized which will have an immediate impact on the economy and employment, and 212 measures are planned, including 110 investments and 102 reforms.

The highest percentages of this investment will be allocated to four main areas which shape and on which the measures of the recovery plan are based: ecological transition (39% of the investment); digital transformation (29%); education and training (10%); and research, development and innovation (7%).

For the executive director, “dialogue has been a central element of the recovery plan”. In fact, as he added, “the different institutions, political groups and the business world took part”.

In his first response, PP leader Pablo Casado fell in love with him: “Who does he think he is? He comes to present a plan which, according to his words, is the most important of the last century. According to his report , we will pay him until 2058. He violates a resolution that says he must be agreed with the agents involved. And his vice president tweets a 200-page turnaround plan. Where do you think it is? ” Casado criticizes that “first he says he is not going to detail the reforms because I am in an election campaign and then he will delay the execution of the budget because it is better for me in the campaign. It’s not his money, it’s the Spaniards’ money. “

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