Who is bigger, Pablo Motos or Mayor Martínez-Almeida? It was the interview at El Hormiguero

Updated: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 5:46 PM

Published on: 03.03.2021 17:42

Who is bigger, Pablo Motos or José Luis Martínez-Almeida? Viewers of El Hormiguero answered the million dollar question yesterday, as the mayor of Madrid came to have fun on the show, where he did not leave a single topic unanswered. Not even on her love life or her height.

It’s a format that political leaders usually don’t attend outside of the election campaign, but on Tuesday Almeida spoke in a relaxed tone of her party and the relocation of the historic headquarters from Madrid’s central street to Genoa. : “Whatever the seat” I am not very sentimental about this … When we went from Calderón to Wanda … The important thing is not the stadium, it is Atleti “, was the comparison made by the national spokesperson for the popular.

Of course, he was also asked about two issues that make any member of the PP tense: Box B and the former president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre.

“This case has been in the making for many years. Whoever has to pay pays it,” he said of the party’s illegal financing, accredited by the Supreme Court. Even the ants lifted him up: “Good, my first bribe!” Said one of them.

“I trust Esperanza Aguirre. I say this openly. If there is any legal process, as mayor, I will not say anything at all. Of course, I hope this ends as soon as possible and with the best for Esperanza “, he said of the former head of rank and who signed him for the list of the mayor of Madrid.

He also spoke of the government and its handling of the pandemic, demanding more action from Pedro Sánchez against the coronavirus. Plus, they don’t get much treatment: “He called me twice and the last one was for Filomena.”

When it comes to being a golden bachelor, Almeida said he doesn’t understand “this obsession with finding me a girlfriend”. But he thinks he has the explanation: “People, with my physique, are surprised that I don’t flirt,” ditch.

And they also measured it live: 1.66 meters from the mayor of Madrid, showing that physical height and politics often don’t go hand in hand. The presenter, for his part, exceeded it by two centimeters.

The funniest Almeida, apart from his institutional role, also had to come face to face with his double: Carlos Latre imitating the “frozen moment” of the mayor.

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