who is faisal edhi: Kaun Hai Pakistan Se Faisal Edhi Jinhone PM Narendra Modi ko Likha Letter: Faisal Idi who wrote letters to PM Modi

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Pakistani social worker Faisal Idi wrote to Indian Prime Minister Modi offering help with the crisis caused by the Khatkorona virus outbreak and requested India’s permission to send a team to serve 50 ambulances
Faisal Idi, son of Pakistani philanthropist Abdul Sattar Idi, wrote a letter to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He expressed his concern over the growing cases of the corona virus in India and offered to help. Idi’s move is greatly appreciated. Idi is described as an example of humanity amidst strained relations between the two countries. Faisal runs the same foundation as her father who took care of Indian daughter Geeta who reached Pakistan for about 13 years.

According to the Dawn newspaper, Faisal wrote in his letter: “We are examining the impact of the Corona crisis on the Indian people at the Idi Foundation. We are sad to know that the epidemic is having such an impact on your country where a large number of people are in difficulty. He patronized 50 ambulances in addition to his service.

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‘No burden for India’
He said his team consists of medical tech, office staff, drivers and support staff and the foundation will meet all their needs, his burden will not fall on India. For this, they asked for permission to come to India and cooperate with the local administration and the police. He said he wanted to send the team to help in critical areas.

Faisal with Geeta in Pakistan

Faisal himself wants to lead this team to India and is ready to go as soon as he’s cleared. He made it clear that he would not impose any burden on India in return for this service. He hopes that neighboring countries will emerge from this crisis soon.

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Geeta’s house in Pakistan
Faisal’s father and mother Bilkis took care of Geeta in Pakistan. Geeta can’t hear and accidentally crossed the border at the age of 9. Bilakis took care of Geeta until he was sent to India. Eventually, Geeta was able to meet her family in Parbhani, Maharashtra.

Please say that in the last 24 hours in India 3 lakh 32,000,730 new cases were reported. At the same time, 2 thousand 263 people died because of the crown in one day. At present, there are 24 lakh 28 thousand 616 active cases in the country.

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Faisal Idi

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