Who is Sabrina Singh, who has been appointed Deputy White House Press Secretary by Kamla Harris – Who is Sabrina Singh, appointed Kamala Harris Deputy Press Secretary at the White House

Kamla Harris, an American citizen of Indian origin, was elected vice president, appointed deputy press secretary at the White House. The appointment of Sabrina Singh was announced by the transfer of power team of US President Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. She was previously Kamala Harris ‘press secretary during Biden-Harris’ presidential campaign.

Mike Bloomberg and Kauri worked for Booker
Sabrina Singh previously served as senior spokesperson and national press secretary for the Mike Bloomberg and Kauri Booker presidential campaigns, respectively. Apart from that, she held many other important positions. Mike Bloomberg heads the well-known media group Bloomberg.

Sabrina Has Deep Penetration In American Politics
Even before that, Sabrina was associated with the Democratic Party. She previously served as Deputy Director of Communications for the Democratic National Committee. He was also a spokesperson for the Trump Bridge Room in American Bridge and regional communications director for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Sabrina is the granddaughter of Sardar JJ Singh
Sabrina Singh is the granddaughter of Sardar JJ Singh of the Indian League of America. In the 1940s, Sardar JJ Singh and his Indian compatriots launched a national campaign against America’s racially discriminatory policies. After that, then President Harry Truman enacted the Loose Sailor Act on July 2, 1946. This allowed 100 Indians to emigrate to the United States each year.

Biden and Kamala Harris to be sworn in on the 20th
The transfer of power party nominated him to announce several key appointments to the vice president’s office in the White House. Biden and Harris will be sworn in as president and vice president respectively on January 20.

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