“Who marks the party’s position is the national president”

Update: Sunday, June 20, 2021 2:45 PM

Posted: 20.06.2021 14:43

Pablo Casado specifies it in the face of doubts: “The one who marks the position of the party is the national president of the party.” The leader of the PP ensures that all the members of the formation “contribute to the common project” which he “carries out” himself.

“In politics, when you have the responsibility, as is my case, to represent a party that is already the leading force in Spain, according to the polls, it is important to be very rigorous in your words and to indicate very clearly what the party’s position is, ”says Casado in an interview with ABC.

When asked if Isabel Díaz Ayuso followed Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo’s alternative speech, Casado believes that “everyone” follows “the same line”, which is to “defend the Constitution, the law, the unity national and freedom “.

He also adds that he speaks “almost daily” with Isabel Díaz Ayuso and explains what it means to him that Sánchez is an “accomplice”: “The only person responsible for granting pardons against the Supreme Court is Sánchez and the only one accomplice of the strategy of the separatists to break Spain is Sánchez “.

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