WHO Report Says Animals Likely Source Of Covid 19 From Bats: WHO Kovid-19 Investigation Report Leaked, Find Out How Corona Virus Spread in the world

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The World Health Organization and China’s joint investigation report on corona virus production leaked, WHO report says bat corona went to another organism and There to humans, it has been reported that the corona virus leaking from the Beijing lab is ‘very unlikely’ to happen
A joint investigation report by the World Health Organization and Chinese company Corona Virus Genesis has been leaked. The long-awaited WHO investigative report said the most likely thing is that the bat corona virus has passed to another organism and spread to humans from there. The report says there is “ very little ” chance of the corona virus leaking from the lab.

The AP news agency gave this information citing the WHO draft report. The WHO investigation report is as expected, but many of the answers have yet to be given in this report. This team came up with more research in all areas except the concept of a lab leak. The publication of this investigative report has reportedly been delayed, raising doubts as to whether the Chinese side is trying to change its findings so that the outbreak of the epidemic does not fall on China.

Four Corona Virus Outbreak Scenarios
A WHO official said last week that they would be ready to release the investigation report in the coming days. The report the PA received is almost the final version of the investigation report. It is not yet clear whether the investigation report will be amended at the last minute. This report was provided by a diplomat member of the Geneva office of the WHO.

The researchers described four outbreak scenarios for the corona virus. He concludes at the end that the corona virus has spread from bats to another animal and from there it has come to humans. Researchers believe that there is little chance that the corona virus will spread directly from bats to humans. He said it is possible to spread the corona virus through cold chain foods, but there is less of it.

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