who team wuhan lab: Wuhan Lab: The secret of the Chinese corona virus has spread from the Wuhan lab? WHO investigative team gave important information – China’s covid outbreak investigation team told lab in Wuhan that we are not ruling out virus that escaped from lab

The World Health Organization (WHO) investigative team reached the Wuhan laboratory in China on Wednesday amid speculation about the corona virus from which humans have spread. The WHO team that arrived to find the source of the corona virus said they found data that no one had seen so far. The team of experts did not rule out the possibility that the corona virus came from a laboratory. Beijing’s very first WHO investigative team has been allowed to visit the Wuhan laboratory in an effort to help China fight the Corona virus.

The WHO team on Wednesday visited a research center in the Chinese city of Wuhan which is still the subject of speculation about the origin of the corona virus. A team member said his intention was to meet with key employees and ask them for information on important issues. The WHO team’s visit to the Wuhan Institute of Virology is the main point of its expedition to China to collect data and find out where the virus came from and where it has spread.

China has deployed uniformed and uniformed security personnel
According to images released by Japanese broadcaster TBS, zoologist and team member Peter Daszak said, “We intend to meet with all the key people here and ask them some important questions that need to be asked.” Party members were also accompanied by correspondents at the high security center, but, as was the case previously, they had very little direct access to team members and received very limited information about discussions and visit.

Uniformed and regular uniformed security guards were stationed at the main entrance to the center, but team members were not wearing PPE kits. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is one of the best virus research laboratories in China. The institute was established to collect genetic information on the corona virus spread by bats in 2003 following the epidemic acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak.

China denies possibility of corona virus spreading from Wuhan
China has not only denied the possibility of spreading the Corona virus from Wuhan, but also said the virus has spread to the country from packages of refrigerated seafood imported from elsewhere or imported from outside. This Chinese argument has been repeatedly rejected by scientists and international agencies. The institute’s deputy director, Xi Zhengli, is a virologist. She was also part of the WHO team that traced the emergence of SARS as an epidemic in China in 2003, whose members were also slaves.

He has written for several journals and has challenged theories of former US President Donald Trump’s administration and US officials that the virus was used as a biological weapon or “ fled ” the institution. The WHO team is made up of experts from 10 countries. After two weeks of isolation, the team visited hospitals, research institutes and the traditional meat market. There are many early cases of corona virus linked to this market.

“ It may take years to confirm the origin of the virus ”
After several months of discussion and review, China allowed the investigation team to surrender. It may take years to confirm the origin of the virus. It consists of several complex steps such as in-depth research, animal sampling, genetic analysis and epidemiological studies. It is also possible that some wildlife predators are the carrier of the epidemic that has spread it to traders in Wuhan. Initial cases of Kovid-19 were discovered in Wuhan in late 2019 and after that, the government imposed a strict 76-day lockdown in the city of 10 million people.

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