WHO warns of exponentially rising coronavirus pandemic as millions of cases emerge in India

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WHO has warned that the corona virus outbreak is growing at a very rapid rate. Not only is this corona outbreak in the world now. The WHO has said the number of deaths will increase dramatically for many weeks.
World Health Organization officials have warned that despite all the actions taken by governments around the world, the corona virus outbreak is growing at a rapid rate. Not only that, this epidemic has now reached its ‘crisis point’. Corona virus cases are increasing at a “very rapid rate” around the world. Previously, the WHO had said the number of deaths from the corona virus around the world would increase dramatically for many weeks.

Maria Van Kerkhove, technical affairs manager for the WHO Kovid-19 response team, gave the warning during a discussion in Geneva on Monday. He said the number of new cases of the corona virus infection has increased around the world, which has heightened the concern of authorities. He said: “We are now at the crisis point of this epidemic and the epidemic is increasing rapidly.”

Number of corona boxes in the world 13.58 crore
Maria said 44 cases of the corona lakh virus were only reported last week. He said: “This is a situation we never imagined after 16 months where we took steps to control it. Now is the time for everyone to be vigilant and consider what we need to do. Corona virus cases increased 9% globally last week, while the death toll rose 5%.

The total number of corona virus cases worldwide has crossed 13.58 crore, while more than 29.3 lakh people have lost their lives due to the disease. Johns Hopkins University revealed in its latest update that the current global case and death figures are 135,855,351 and 2,934,981, respectively. According to the CSSE, America remains the worst affected country with the most large number of 31,196,121 cases and 562,064 deaths worldwide. On the other hand, India has now reached second place in terms of total number of cases. Brazil is in third place.

Corona virus cases on the rise around the world

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