Why are corporate gifts so important?

One of the marketing techniques to position yourself in the market effectively and economically is to promote the business with promotional gifts with the company logo on it.

According to several studies, corporate gifts are the most impressive and profitable advertising medium for companies.

Currently, it is subject to information overload, to the point that many forms of advertising are perceived as annoying and intrusive. Instead, personalized gifts are seen as a giveaway and not as intrusive advertising. They have the same function as advertising campaigns:

As long as the customer is using the promotional gift, the name of a company or the message conveyed will always be visible.

How to choose the most suitable promotional gifts?

To leave a beautiful and precious memory: promotional gifts have always been a flourishing market, and in recent years they have developed thanks to network technologies.

The Internet is the area in which any activity evolves, especially when it comes to marketing: there are many portals on the Internet that give users the ability to configure and create promotional gifts of all kinds and suitable for all occasions. Gifts that can be used to surprise, retain and arouse the curiosity of the public.

The gift: a symbol of appreciation, care and affection

When thinking about important moments in life like birthday, Christmas, wedding, graduation, etc., it is always about receiving or giving a gift.

But why does this tradition exist? Because you want to make an important moment tangible: the physical object remembers the moment lived.

A promotional gift is a gesture of appreciation that a brand gives to its customers, a gesture of gratitude and loyalty. And this is why promotional gifts differ from other types of details: business gifts are a message of gratitude that has a three-dimensional shape that the customer can taste, touch, see, smell, hear, etc.

Personalized gifts provide a marketing solution for businesses that truly becomes the property of the customer.

Business gifts have a powerful social impact because when a potential customer is given a gift, they tend to want to return the favor by working with the company, purchasing the products, or requesting the services.

The importance of investing in promotional gifts

If you want to compete with other companies in the industry, take the business forward and generate more income, it is highly recommended to invest in promotional gifts for various reasons:

1. Increase brand visibility

The gift personalized with the logo and a message will always and continuously be visible, not only to the person to whom it is offered, but also to all other people who come into contact with it.

The brand’s exposure will be easily remembered:

8 out of 10 consumers like to receive promotional gifts. 96% would like to know in advance when companies distribute promotional gifts. People remember when and where they received a promotional gift. Among them, 84% show that they appreciated it and are willing to do business with the company that provided it. They are able to remember the company that gave them up to 24 months after receiving it. In addition, if the promotional gift is valued, it alone can provide the company with high references.

2. Increase brand recognition and loyalty

The more unique and original the gift, the more the audience will remember. In addition, happy and satisfied customers will become loyal customers and will gladly display an item of a specific brand.

3. Increase the sense of belonging

Giving employees and coworkers personalized items (like a laptop bag, USB stick, or other office supplies) will make them feel like part of the team and motivate them.

Also, it’s important to remember that a satisfied employee will speak highly of the job and therefore the brand to family and friends.

4. They are a natural attraction

If you have a booth at a fair or event, giving away creative and original promotional gifts will attract more people to the booth, diverting them from competitor booths.

5. Increase prestige and improve brand image

Promotional gifts are useful in adding value to a brand. Depending on the choice of the gift, a certain message may be communicated, such as that of a high-tech company if it offers high-tech and next-generation products, or that of an environmentally conscious company if it chooses products. gifts that are recyclable or made with recycled materials.

These tools therefore allow the company to act on the public’s perception of it: they serve to strengthen the identity and improve the brand’s image, defining it and differentiating it from the competition.

6. An affordable investment

Advertising through corporate gifts is affordable even for small businesses. The trick is to choose the best corporate gifts (e.g. pens, mugs, key chains, USB sticks, personalized drums, agendas, etc.)

Promotional gifts: a trip that never goes out of style

Over the years, a number of iconic giveaways have been created which have been distributed in marketing campaigns and continue to “work” for the brand.

Here are some examples:

Ferrari’s inimitable miniature car, the legendary brand’s Formula 1 miniature car. The legendary Coca Cola glass, currently in use and present in almost every home. And finally, the Red Bull fashion merchandising, which is still used by athletes.

A wide range of business gifts

Who has never been to a store or other business, perhaps to ask for quotes and information, and received a gift such as a pen, keychain, notepad or other useful product with the company logo printed on it? ?

It’s a smart way to promote a brand, corporate gifts are effective in advertising campaigns and in the age of marketing. Personalized promotional gifts are the best way to promote a new product, service or brand.

Even in terms of budget, because corporate gifts are an absolutely inexpensive form of promotion with a considerable return on investment.

Promote an image with gifts

Giving promotional gifts is a reason for businesses that need or wish to promote the image and increase brand awareness and awareness.

Giving gifts and gifts to customers, whether loyal or new, is a good option to leave a good impression on them:

It is important that the products chosen are intended for everyday use, so that those who receive them are genuinely interested in using them constantly and, in return, promoting a brand.

These are some of the reasons why companies currently choose to advertise through giveaways, so that they can get a message across in an absolutely effective and, in general, economical way.

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