“Why are they protecting her? Just as Bárcenas remains in miniature”

The Secretary of the Organization of the PSOE and Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Abalos, was very critical of the PP for not having opened a file on María Dolores de Cospedal after his indictment in the kitchen case, and asked Pablo Casado to explain why he didn’t.

“How much do they owe? What’s the deal with Ms. Cospedal? What information does she have so sensitive to protect her? And how much information does Mr. López del Hierro have?” The same Bárcenas remains in miniature “

In addition, balos underlined that they will take decisions in Catalonia “inspired by the values ​​of the Constitution” and “with respect for legality”: “I am struck by the fact that we are accused of being illegal, of not respecting the Constitution, a party which, for the moment, does not know what to do with the accusation of María Dolores de Cospedal ”, he declared, referring to the PP.

Referring to the “Kitchen Case”, the minister stressed that it is “a sinister affair which allows or prevents someone from governing”. “Here, we are clearly in an attack against the rule of law, deep, because the police are used in a para-police task, which tries to hamper the action of the rule of law”, he warned.

Returning to the subject of Catalonia, Iceta assured that the “challenges of independence” occurred during the government of Mariano Rajoy. “With the PP government, the illegal referendum and the declaration of independence took place. It was the result of the absence of politics, of indolence, of the time of the hammock and the cigar, of the timid,” said he condemned.

This is what the minister said this Sunday during his participation in an act of the PSOE in Valencia to celebrate the three years of progressive government in Spain. Concretely, Ábalos said that with the People’s Party government, in a “weak” situation, there were “the challenges of independence”, such as the illegal referendum or the declaration of independence, but pointed out that at that time, the PSOE “It was again up to Spain and the rule of law.”

In the same vein, he said they had to deal with the trial judgment and had seen “Barcelona burnt” a month before they had to vote. This sentence, in his own words, “came to sanction events that had taken place under Rajoy’s government”. “It is up to us to manage this mismanagement and to face it again with the aim of coexistence between equals, that of social and territorial cohesion. Once again, it must be done, it is not easy, but we never had easy tasks, “he said.

Criticizes the PP for “showing the break” with Catalonia

The minister insisted on reproaching popular people for “showing the break” with the Catalans: “It’s very difficult for me to talk about Spain and demonize the Catalans, how can I talk about Spain and not understand nothing or share everything that is happening in Euskadi “. “Can I be irrelevant in Catalonia and the Basque Country and have a plan for the whole of Spain?” Well, no, every chance we have of finding each other is there to show the breakup. What Spain are they talking about? Four squares, four streets? It seems anti-Spanish, ”he added.

During his speech, the minister also lodged a complaint against the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, of whom he declared that “he has lost everything so far, although it seems that he does not stop winning “. “Lately he’s been saying he’s winning the polls, continuing to win them and letting us win the elections. The only thing that holds his chest is in Madrid where he hasn’t been seen campaigning. because the candidate preferred not to do it. to be seen, ”he said.

For the socialist, the right is “disloyal” and “with a sense of patrimonial state”, because when it does not govern it thinks “it is a shame”. “It only makes sense if they rule, if it’s not unbearable for them. Sometimes it’s just a reason to rule,” he said.

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