Why business communication was vital during the pandemic

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In March 2020, when the coronavirus had confined and frightened us at home, unable to go out on the streets or go to the office, there was a key aspect and that very few talk about. Beyond the health aspects, drugs, ICUs, the effort of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, transporters, dependents … beyond all this, communication was an essential element for overcome these months.

At all levels, being able to communicate by phone, WhatsApp or video call with our loved ones has saved us from more than one worry and from feeling even more alone. Video calling and messaging tools have become our way of socializing every day and of letting our family and friends know that everything is fine, that everyone is healthy. Communication has also helped us find out what is going on outside our own four walls, on the streets, in hospitals.

The importance of communication at the social and health level was nonetheless at the work level. And, overnight, companies that had to keep their business in person had to put dozens of security measures and protocols in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The use of desks, common areas, masks, gels or directions in hallways had to be communicated to employees quickly and efficiently, without the possibility of error.

In addition, companies that had to send their employees home to telecommute and perform all routine tasks remotely, also had to reorganize themselves, creating new ways of doing things and new routines through screens. For this, communication was also essential.

Communication was essential to keep its employees informed of all social and health news, as during these months any new measure directly affected their working environment. For this, many companies have strengthened their internal communication channels to report on the panorama of ERTE in Spain, the latest news on the coronavirus and the evolution of the pandemic at all levels … And, in addition to everything this and also key to effective team development is keeping workers informed about everything related to company results. Responding to the doubts and questions raised by the employees themselves and putting the exercise of transparency into practice was fundamental.

For all of this, we need to highlight the most human and empathetic part of corporate communication. Without a doubt, businesses have become more humanized than ever. Leaders have had to put their full potential into empathy and the ability to calm their own employees in a situation of uncertainty like the one they experienced months ago. The employees have been and continue to be the heart of the business today and taking care of them throughout the process has been essential for survival. In this whole scenario, communication has been the essential tool.

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