Why do companies want models to come back to offices?

According to Ofita’s ebook “New Offices, New Ways of Working,” employees and businesses want their workforce to return to work after the pandemic, even a few days a week.

Facilitates collaboration and the transmission of knowledge; it unites the staff by generating a feeling of community; it strengthens the brand and is good for our health.

“Without a doubt, all of this translates into innovation, branding and productivity,” says Camilo Agromayor, CEO of Ofita, a Spanish office furniture and design company.

1. Going to the office is good for our health and well-being.

“Giving employees the option of leaving home to work in a secure office environment, whether for peace of mind or just for a change of scenery, can play an important role in their emotional balance. This is particularly the case for working mothers. », She explains. Camilo Agromayor.

2. Improve communication and collaboration.

Collaborative video platforms do a great job … but up to a point. We’ve all seen many of its weaknesses: connection failures, inability to grasp body language, mismanagement of time, disjointed conversations …

Remote meetings are not always an effective replacement for face-to-face meetings and the natural opportunities for collaboration they offer. In the opinion of Camilo Agromayor, “freed from the corset of technology and connections, face-to-face meetings – formal or improvised – make the exchange of creative ideas, sharing and co-creation much easier. “.

“With suitable protective measures and good management of the capacity of meeting rooms and / or shared spaces, all these advantages can be enjoyed in complete safety for all. In person, with all of its advantages,” he adds. he.

3. The office strengthens working relationships and promotes learning

Developing in the company is much more than participating in training and evaluations. This is the knowledge that employees acquire on the job, especially through occasional conversations with their colleagues. “This is especially true for younger employees and is an essential part of the learning process that staff feel they have largely lost while working remotely,” said the CEO of Ofita.

4. The office strengthens ties and unites the teams

Because – according to Ofita’s ebook “New Offices, New Ways of Working” – teams that work together in the same physical space forge strong professional and even personal bonds that collectively help them be more efficient, productive and effective. more satisfied in their work.

5. The office binds us to a brand

“Without a doubt, the corporate space is a valuable ally for companies’ HR and employer brand policies,” emphasizes Camilo Agromayor. It acts as a brand transmitter and at the same time exposes the values ​​of the company with which the employees establish an emotional connection which is reflected in their work. “In this space, we feel like part of a community.”

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