Why does the Treasury still not open an investigation into King Juan Carlos I?

Publication: Friday, February 26, 2021 6:17 PM

The King Emeritus made a payment of more than four million to the Treasury in what is the second process of tax regularization after the payment last December of 678,393 euros to the Treasury.

This payment is made for the donation of a private jet trip worth eight million euros. These flights were paid for by the Zagatka foundation, owned by his distant cousin Álvaro de Orleans, and it is considered that they should be taxed as personal income tax in the Treasury, as explained by said media.

Regularizations that generate several doubts after all that has been known.

Why is the Treasury not investigating the King Emeritus?

This is not just any question, because if there is no preliminary investigation, the king would avoid the crime by carrying out these regularizations. For Carlos Cruzado, of the Gestha Finance Technicians union, “it is astonishing that the Fiscal Agency for these two months and with all the information that has become known, has not yet opened an investigation”.

A delay in the notification of investigations which for Treasury inspectors has an explanation, as explained by the Association of Treasury inspectors: << As a procedure initiated by the prosecution, the Treasury is bound hand and foot because he cannot initiate a new search. "

Payments in kind: was there a counterpart?

The millions received were regularized this second time in the form of payments in kind, which are taxed as personal income tax. This shocks the experts, because payments in kind are made if there has been consideration, and at the moment no consideration is known to King Juan Carlos at this foundation.

Are the 4 million loans friends?

These 4.4 million euros regularized would come, according to El Español, loans from businessmen and friends. The Treasury must investigate this money to confirm that it was loans and not a disguised donation, because for the donation it should be taxed unlike loans which have no tax cost.

Wasn’t the first regularization over?

The last question that arises is that if the emeritus regularizes for the second time, does that mean that December was not complete then? Experts assure that it was not complete, but there would be no irregularity, because it is regularizations through different taxes.

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