why don’t machines take away our work

The benchmark event in the HR and business sector returns with its best panel of speakers in history and topics of maximum relevance today

Technology and innovation to help people: why machines don’t take away our jobs

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, robotics and artificial intelligence, people have thought and they say that machines will take away our jobs; that there will be robots capable of a wide variety of activities and that they will eventually put humans out of work. But is all this true?

It is true that new technologies, machines, robots … have come to change our lives. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, neither to replace us in our economic tasks, nor to take away our jobs. On the contrary, they come to help us unleash our full potential, optimize our time and use it for activities in which emotion and the human hand really add value. And they also come to help us better manage people and their emotions.

New technologies, as evidenced by the case of Neil Harbisson, the first human cyborg who, thanks to an antenna installed in his head, can perceive sensations that other human beings ignore: invisible colors, reception of telephone calls, videos, music … Can you imagine that your brain, directly, can receive a WhatsApp message? And if transferred to disabled people, can they imagine a blind man able to see through an antenna? Or a deaf person able to hear thanks to technology?

This example is a true reflection of the help that machines can give us. Far from replacing us, they complement us and make us better, help us optimize our time and our work and make our life much easier.

Technology and innovation, protagonists of the HR Innovation Summit

The myth that machines will take away our jobs will be demolished after the HR Innovation Summit, the benchmark congress for the HR sector and the business world that returns in 2021 after a year of hiatus. Sticking to the topic we are discussing today, at the event we will be talking a lot about technology and innovation. Through various round tables and presentations, high-level speakers will share their vision of how digital transformation can help managers take better care of their employees; how to work and interact in the midst of digital transformation and in the era of teleworking and hybrid environments; And, of course, they will tell us about how to achieve better results, at all levels, through the use of new technologies.

It was precisely Neil Harbisson, the first human cyborg, who was in charge of inaugurating this fourth edition of the HR Innovation Summit and who discovered how technology can help and optimize us, not only at work but also in our daily lives. In addition, other high-level speakers such as Pau Garca Mil (technology expert), Bisila Bokoko (businesswoman), Juan Verde (sustainable economy advisor), Raquel Roca (writer), Pilar Llcer (expert in talents), Andrs Ortega (Experian), Marta Fuentes (Grupo Santaluca), Diego Martn (HPE), Pilar Rojas (Repsol), Elisabeth Guitart (Merck) and many others will also talk to us about HR innovation and news trends in the world of work.

The HR Innovation Summit, more exclusive than ever

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and in compliance with current health measures and protocols, participation in the event this year will be limited to a maximum capacity of 300 participants in person, which makes this fourth edition of the HR Innovation Summit a very exclusive congress. Additionally, the day will be streamed worldwide so that no one anywhere in the world misses a single detail of the most anticipated and disruptive event in business and HR.

A congress that counts, for another year, with EY as main sponsor, and the institutional support of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors. In addition, Aon, Cigna, Hastee, Personio and The Adecco Group participate as Gold Sponsors, and Nationale-Nederlanden and Soci only as Silver Sponsors.BMW Madrides is the official vehicle for an event that has also the collaboration of companies such as Vertis, Selecta, Frutality or Barn de Salamanca, among others, Coonices the event agency and Events the official technology supplier.

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