Why is coworking better than working from home?

Due to the health situation in which we live, more and more companies decide to set up a teleworking system. We’re not talking about something temporary, but a long-term employment model. This is appreciated by the majority of professionals, who see this alternative with very good eyes.

However, some people are a little reluctant to work from home. For everyone, there is an option to consider. Indeed, we are talking about coworking.

Many others are undecided on which alternative to choose. Are you one of them? In this case, know that working from home has a series of advantages, even if those brought by coworking are more numerous, which we will describe below.


Avoiding travel is a tasty dish for most people, although it does have its downsides. Neither in public transport nor, of course, in the workplace, is there any interaction with other people.

Remember that humans are social animals. You have to constantly communicate with other people, which is difficult if you work entirely from home. Everything changes when you opt for coworking.

From staff at reception to those serving food in the kitchen and even the rest of the individuals who use the same coworking space, interactions are very frequent.

This gives rise to saying goodbye completely to social isolation. It is much appreciated, especially now that we are coming out of a containment that was very hard and that, perhaps, in the future, it will be declared again if the pandemic continues to progress at this rate.

On the other hand, it should be noted that sooner or later socialization can become an ideal networking tool. In other words, whatever sector you belong to, it will be usual for you to coincide with other professionals in the same field.

Thanks to this, you will have the opportunity to expand your circle of contacts and even have more job opportunities in the future.

Savings on furniture

Certainly, by working from home, you don’t have to invest in clothing. You can even do your household chores in your pajamas! A real luxury, right? Without a doubt, but remember that these actions should be carried out in a comfortable and professional manner.

Therefore, furnishing it with furniture according to the work you are doing is crucial. Furnishing an office is already a considerable investment for a company specializing in coworking, even if it ends up paying for itself.

The precise purchase of furniture in batches results in a series of discounts appreciated in these companies. Just the opposite happens when furnishing an office in your home.

In general, comfortable chairs and large desks involve considerable expense. In addition, there are other investments to be made such as the acquisition of printers and the corresponding cartridges or toners.

No matter how much time you plan to spend teleworking, in economic terms especially thanks to the savings in furniture it entails, coworking ends up becoming a better option.

Separation of domestic and professional space

In all houses, it is not possible to install an office completely separate from the rest of the house. Some home telecommuters end up placing the desk in the living room or even in the bedroom. In fact, some work directly with the laptop on the sofa or bed.

According to psychologists, in the short term it can be a good alternative if there are no more options, but over time it ends up leading to problems, as the individual’s mind does not switch off. not one hundred percent.

The entire home environment ends up being seen as a suitable space for work. Therefore, it is not possible to avoid thinking about the tasks of the next day, as well as the problems that arose during the previous day.

As it is necessary, when you go to a coworking space, this problem goes away completely. Disconnection is complete after leaving the authorized facilities for the sole purpose of working there. After returning home, absolute rest is demonstrated with which the person recovers both physically and mentally.

Greater productivity

One of the best benefits of coworking is productivity. It is diminished when working from home because interruptions and distractions are constant. This is not surprising, as this is not a space specifically designed to function.

On the contrary, in a coworking office, concentration is maximum. From the moment the individual sits down and begins his work session with the computer equipment, he does not interrupt the day. In this way, you make the most of the hours you spend in these establishments.

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