Why is it important to be a healthy business?

Healthy companies are those that take into account the physical and psychosocial risks of work, but today is added the commitment of companies to provide employees with the tools to adopt healthy habits in their lives.

BY RRHHDigital, 03:30 – 06 September 2021

The benefits of becoming a healthy business are many. On the one hand, it improves the health of workers overall. This means that the company ensures total prevention of any physical and psychosocial risks in the space in which they carry out their activity. But, health goes beyond the workplace, therefore, a healthy company encourages healthy lifestyles among employees.

A healthy business strengthens your business reputation. Integrating this business model is a perfect business strategy because it improves its image within the company itself and outside, becoming a benchmark both in the company and in its sector. Values ​​like health, wellness and global sustainability are as beneficial as they are appealing.

Higher performance is also added. When companies provide their employees with a safe and healthy environment, they are more involved in their work. Motivation also grows, because the worker feels taken care of by his company, which makes him proud to belong to the company. Therefore, they adopt a much more proactive attitude, increasing participation in company projects with better results and promoting talent retention.

Safety is a shared responsibility between the company and its employees, which is why a healthy company is involved in all areas with a commitment to reducing accidents. Creating healthy and safe work environments leads to a reduction in accidents, occupational illnesses and conflict between team members.

According to Orlando Pérez, CEO of WellWo, the workplace health and wellness company, “more and more companies are committed to becoming healthy businesses and thus ensuring their employees have safer and more secure workplaces. more user-friendly to develop their activities. It has been proven that if they promote healthy habits at work, workers integrate it into their personal life and this fact becomes crucial for their life and ultimately impacts the success of the company ”.

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