Why is it important to have a purpose in life?

If you are able to make sense of what you do and commit to it, you will be able to find the meaning of your life, your projects, your challenges or the goals you set for yourself.

BY Carmen María Sabater Ramos, Director of Human Resources, 12:15 p.m. – July 01, 2021

It is only with a goal that I make sense of what is happening to me and I am also able to straighten out what I want to achieve. It has to do with “WHY” we do what we do. It does not depend on my position or my function in a company or the place I occupy in my family, but on the meaning I give to it and the degree to which I am committed.

Tal Ben-Shawar and Angus Ridgway in their book Being happy is your decision, analyze the types of jobs according to our level of meaning or commitment. Meaning is experienced when there is a connection between what we do and our values, whether or not I believe in what I do. Commitment is the motivation and the energy we put into it.

Anything you do for a purpose is the most motivating and satisfying situation for anyone. Something that also helps the immune system. And the good news is, it depends on my own decision and making it myself. If I am able to make sense of what I do and commit to it, I will be able to find the meaning of my life, my projects, my challenges or the goals I set for myself.

When you have a goal, your days take on a new meaning, you rediscover the passion and charm of life. Persevere in your commitment to doing whatever is necessary to make your dreams come true, focus your attention on every step you take, and learn to appreciate the process that will lead you to make them come true. Because the success is not to reach the dream but to take advantage of the road to realize it.

And have you found your purpose or are you still looking for it?

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