Why is it so important for companies to humanize their corporate brand?

Humanizing brands is one of the big secrets to effectively connecting with the target audience. It is a strategy that maximizes the intangible side of a company: the essence of the human. When the functional advantages of a brand are very similar to those of the competition and there is no obvious difference beyond the price, the only thing left is to connect with the audience, to be closer to them and offer them new experiences that make them feel heard. and is part of the brand.

According to the latest Fast Company study, around 75% of buying decisions are based on emotions, as a result, companies have been forced to build a business that is closer to the public, friendly, empathetic and genuine; Currently, trends indicate a radical transformation of businesses through human-to-human models, which focus on connecting people (consumers) with the people who make up a business. Businesses don’t create stories, but people do, and stories are conveyed through business channels. For consumers, connecting with an empathetic company that cares about its employees and people is easier because it allows them to feel identified, heard and part of the same story.

And it is precisely this approach that Comint, a Branding agency specializing in the humanization of brands, has implemented since its creation 10 years ago. It is a pioneering agency on the subject which, throughout its history, has aimed to help connect people to brands, generate links, trust and therefore much closer relationships with the right people. public.

Since its founding, Comint has been conducted under the vocation of service, conviction and passion for communication, and so in 2011 they decided to break paradigms and deliver something that the industry lacked. communication; help businesses connect with the right audiences through humanization, achieve their goals and therefore grow

According to Violeta, director of new affairs and public relations: “the agency was born out of the need that we saw in companies to focus on people and to connect with them, in order to achieve the success they were looking for. . We realized that communication shouldn’t have isolated actions, and that every brand should have a DNA that connects from the inside out. Our vocation has always been to connect people with brands, not brands with people . “

For Comint, according to Yordi Montes, Director of Marketing and Strategy, “Branding is a strategy capable of transforming a company’s behavior to have a positive impact on internal and external audiences, increase its competitive capacity and improve its value. favorite. about DNA and creating brands with purpose. “

Humanized brands have a purpose: they see, think, speak, love and hate, they want to be unique, relevant and unforgettable; And that’s exactly what Branding achieves, by transforming this will into tangible and visible actions that allow them to create close relationships with their audience.

“At Comint, we believe that the only thing that can make one business different from another is a deep connection, and that’s what we achieve with every brand. We work under our intelligent communication model, through which we humanize brands, we break communication paradigms and we have succeeded in growing the intangible heritage of each company. Brands need to stop selling products and services to deliver empathetic experiences that result in overwhelming memories – that is, they need to bring out their emotional side, understand their audience, and listen to people. current needs and problems that the company presents ”, concluded José Luis Álvarez, general manager of the company.

Comint has focused on endowing brands with human attributes so they can connect with the right people and reach the right audiences, work that involves analysis and paradigm shift both inside and out. business, that is to say an approach not only with customers. , but also by recognizing the invaluable collaborators, who make a brand more human.

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