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Are you a tobacco or electronic cigarette smoker? On one of your last refreshments, you may have seen little sachets of CBD flowers! If you bought them, you probably smoked them by mixing them with your tobacco! So far, these little bags of CBD flowers were legal! On the label, they had a CBD rate of less than 0.2%. They could therefore be sold like CBD oil, for example.

In November 2020, the European Court of Justice reprimanded France in a press release for not authorizing the sale of CBD! “A Member State must not prohibit the marketing of cannabidiol (CBD) that has been legally produced in another Member State if it is obtained from the cannabis sativa plant in its entirety and not from its fibers and seeds alone.”

France will soon allow the cultivation of CBD!

In a notice published by AFP on May 25th and picked up by many national newspapers, we are informed that France will approve the sale of CBD-based products! This decision will therefore benefit farmers who can now grow CBD. A diversification that is probably welcome in the agricultural world! Yes, but now, when France has taken a step towards Europe with the approval of CBD-based products, it will also take another step aside! By banning the sale of CBD flowers!

Why does France want to ban CBD flowers?

When in other European countries the CBD bloom doesn’t seem to be a problem. This is apparently not the case in France as it is very difficult to tell the difference with illegal products … In fact, during a police check, the police do not allow anything to distinguish flowers with legal CBD, illegal substances. “It remains very difficult to distinguish between CBD flowers and cannabis flowers (THC) with the naked eye.” And it can happen that drug use is suspected.

It is impossible to distinguish CBD without THC without analysis. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Arif biswas

At roadside checks to check whether you have used narcotics, the test may be positive after smoking CBD flowers! Why ? Simply because screening tests detect CBD … These are not blood alcohol tests that detect a rate, they are a substance. And the allowable rate is 0.

Flowers, sometimes fake prices!

Several specialized websites also state that “the maximum allowable THC content is limited to 0.2% by European legislation. But also notes that it is not uncommon for some CBD shops to “lie” about their CBD levels.

In fact, the practice is to fortify the buds by spraying CBD crystals on the bud. This artificially increases the cannabidiol content. This is not a problem in itself, but has to be announced, which is not always the case! With this technique, there is a good chance that you will see cannabis positively without actually consuming it!

Is the CBD culture being questioned? Photo credit: Shutterstock / thaisign

A quantitative test could be groundbreaking

In France, the screening test is binary, it answers the question about CBD consumption with yes or no! While waiting for a quantitative screening test to measure THC levels in the blood, France will ban the sale of flowers! The official text should reach the European Court of Justice in the coming days! She has 6 months to answer France. So we decided on another legal ambiguity about CBD, this time about flowers! The other products such as oil, food supplements or infusions are absolutely legal and not affected by this measure!

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