Why is Trump missing from the Corona vaccination program in America? Experts are also surprised

5 days have passed since the coronavirus vaccination process began in Washington. The absence of the president during these five days surprised all the experts. The vaccination process in America began so quickly that even Trump administration officials did not expect it. Trump’s colleagues are hopeful that the vaccination process in the United States can be presented as an important part of his legacy. Trump got off to a strong start, Trump announced Operation Warp Speed ​​on May 15 to quickly create and reach the vaccine amid the growing Corona infection. Five days have passed since the largest vaccination campaign in U.S. history, but Trump has not been seen at any public event. He himself was not vaccinated and only tweeted twice during this time. Vice President Pence in the lead role Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence appears in the lead role. He visited the vaccine production plant this week. He is preparing to take the Kovid-19 vaccine on camera during the live television broadcast on Friday morning. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and majority party leader Mitch McConnell announced Thursday that they will vaccinate Kovid-19 in the coming days. Trump refuses to visit vaccine companies. Trump has been silent since the presidential defeat on November 3 and tries to overturn people’s aspirations. He rejected plans to become the public face of vaccination. Informed of the conversation with Trump, the president also rejected the offer to thank the staff who work there by visiting vaccine development labs and production centers to increase people’s confidence.

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