Why is Vail throwing up so dear?

In Thailand, a fisherman received vomiting of 100 kg vel. It might sound strange, but encountering a Whale Vomit or a Stone Clad Ambergris can be like opening the door to anyone. It is even smuggled into many parts of the world. In India, too, the cost of a kilo of velvet is in crores. In such a situation, it’s interesting to know why Vail’s vomit is so valuable.

How do you catch Whale Vomit?

Ambergris is a solid flammable element similar to wax. It is light gray or black in color. It is found well in the intestines of semen. Inside the water, well fish eat a lot of these creatures with sharp beaks and shells. Ambergris is important to avoid injuring the inside of the well when eating them. Many times the smugglers take the life of the vel to kidnap it, which is already involved in the extinct creatures.

Becomes rocky

It is now being studied that he vomits well, as he is called or his stools. It’s called Ambergris because it looks like amber that swept across the Baltic Sea. Gray means gray in Latin. After several years of exposure to sun and water, it turns into gray, rocky stone. Ambergris that is fresh smells similar to feces, but slowly begins to resemble clay.

That’s why it’s so precious

It is used in the perfume industry. The alcohol it contains is used to make expensive branded perfumes. With its help, the smell of perfume can be preserved for a long time. For this reason, its price is extremely high. Even scientists have called it floating gold. In Thailand, the fisherman who got this coin offered the merchant Rs 25 crore for the quality which turned out to be good.

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