why it is important to train employees in law in the digital environment

Data security or customer privacy: why it is important to train employees on law in the digital environment

DKV and Gabeiras & Asociados have entered into an agreement to train employees and other interest groups of the insurer in aspects such as data security or customer privacy, topics which are currently of particular importance due to the process of digitization in the company. DKV is submerged. The objective of this collaboration is to provide people around the insurance company with enlightened knowledge on the exercise of rights in the digital environment through various actions.

On January 21, we both organized and participated in the celebration of the virtual event “The New Charter of Digital Citizen Rights. Research, health and law in the digital environment ”, which had Ricard Martnez as speaker, director of the Privacy and Digital Transformation Chair at the University of Valencia, and was chaired by Gonzalo Romero, lawyer, Executive Master in Business Legal Practice and partner of Gabeiras & Asociados.

During the seminar, the relevance of the Charter and the responsible use of data by companies and public administrations were underlined. He also mentioned the importance of the figure of the data giver and of controlled Open Data. “We don’t just have to protect design data. Ensuring the right conditions for regulatory compliance is essential and crucial. Not just for a purely formal question, but for a material question: we are talking about people, we are talking about rights, ”said Ricard Martnez.

Apart from this training, meetings will also be organized on specific subjects in which there will be a presentation by an expert of the subject to be discussed, either a member of Gabeiras & Asociados, or an external third party, and to which various groups will be invited. of interest.

During an initial period of three months, the following actions are carried out:

Aula Gabeiras – DKV on the Digital Bill of Rights. It was held yesterday and guests from the public and private spheres, with different professional profiles, gathered to analyze the impact of the Charter in the health sector and the possible institutional, political and legal initiatives to be undertaken. Data protection training and awareness course. This training will be delivered via streaming sessions. The office will be in charge of managing these records and will provide the company with documentation on the subject that it deems relevant to complete the training of recipients. In addition, there will be training sessions for the interested general public with expert speakers. Development of informative documents. The office will prepare four informative articles for subsequent publication in trade magazines, the press or blogs.

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