why it is necessary for managers and workers to understand computer language

Digital profiles: why managers and workers need to understand computer language

Managers and entrepreneurs need to understand computer language to be able to collect all the information first hand, be able to do in-depth analysis and make the best decisions

BY RRHHDigital, 4:15 p.m. – February 15, 2021

In the same way that the digitization of processes has taken off over the past year thanks to Covid, digital profiles are not only becoming necessary in the most basic layers of businesses, but managers and entrepreneurs must also understand the language. IT to be able to collect all the information first-hand, be able to do in-depth analysis and make the best decisions. “Last year it was shown that massive digitization is possible, but also that in order to understand these processes it is also necessary to first understand how the technology works,” warned of the TBS business school. of Barcelona.

Delphine Arnau, Corporate Relations and Career Manager at TBS in Barcelona, ​​explains that just like in the 80s and 90s, managers began to understand that doing business internationally required know languages ​​”. it is necessary to know another language, that of the computer code, so that the company can continue to develop within the framework of the digitization and the automation of the processes and not to be supplanted. “

In addition, the labor market indicates that today ICT training is more necessary than ever, since since March of last year, with the start of home lockdowns around the world to stop the advance of the COVID-19 pandemic, the relationship between supply and demand for this type of profile has only grown, as indicated by the Infojobs job portal. Thus, the number of job vacancies in the IT sector increased by 14%, ranking second in the ranking of the most vacant sectors, after the commercial and commercial sector.

More interns with digital profiles

Delphine Arnau also explains that there has been a change in the profiles of the students that companies ask them to do internships: “more and more students are looking for students with technical skills, such as notions of HTML, as well as those with skills analysis so that when they enter the company they have a better chance of filling a business analyst or data analyst position. “

In this way, TBS in Barcelona is committed to offering in its more technical masters – such as the MSc International Financial Management & Control, the MSc International Business or the MSc Marketing Management – dedicated routes to allow its students to learn aspects of user experience. , notions of Python language, Innovation Management, Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence. “We firmly believe that it is absolutely necessary that these disciplines be taught in business schools so that students are fully qualified to be managers of the future and entrepreneurs of the present,” says Arnau.

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