Why learn about foreign trade in products?

During the pandemic, many limitations have arisen in terms of higher education, but this should not become an excuse not to improve yourself as a professional and take this time to register as a trade specialist.

In fact, you can take an online and official course on Foreign Trade in Products at one of the best institutions in Spain and take advantage of all your learning and qualifications to climb a little more in your career, enjoy a better salary and get all of your own benefits to be better prepared in your area.

If you don’t know what it is or why to study it, here you will find enough reasons to become a specialist in foreign trade of products.

What is foreign trade in products?

“Foreign trade” means trade of any kind that exists between one country and another, in the case of goods, resources and services. In this process, the business strategies and personal interests of each of the countries concerned are taken into account, so that they can cover all the needs of their market.

By referring specifically to products, it simplifies the country’s basic production strategies and how this can be regulated with standards, treaties, agreements and conventions to simplify processes and have a better scope of demand.

In this sense, a specialist in foreign trade in products is responsible for knowing, establishing and controlling agreements, standards, treaties, laws and conventions so that commercial activities take place normally and fairly.

Benefits of taking a course on foreign trade in products

Taking an online course in Foreign Trade in Products can offer great academic, professional and personal benefits:

You can graduate as a TU in International Business by studying at home on an online platform approved by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education of Spain. ITEP offers interest-free scholarships and funding, as well as special discounts for you to study your course. The study lasts only 3 years, but it allows you to obtain a diploma in transport and logistics from the first year of study. You will be able to work in a wide variety of companies and industries related to business systems. You will have the opportunity to create your own business, thanks to his knowledge in transport, logistics and management. You will benefit from a complete, comprehensive and multi-level training in order to have the necessary knowledge to perform in all professional sectors.

Professional opportunities for ITEP graduates

Another advantage of studying foreign trade at ITEP is that they have a placement agency to send you on an internship or to the job bank. Depending on whether you decide to work in the private or public sector, you could earn between 20 and 25 thousand euros gross per year with one of these job opportunities:

Technician in:

Foreign trade in products. Operations of financial and insurance entities abroad. Administration and international trade. International advertising and marketing. International sales.

Other outings

International commercial and commercial assistant. Foreign trade agent. Freight forwarder related to logistics and others.

Undoubtedly, studying foreign trade in products can offer you very good advantages at the academic level, so do not hesitate to contact the IETP to start your high-level professional training now.

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