Why master SAP Online with Elearning Digital?


Why master SAP Online with Elearning Digital?

SAP profiles are one of the most demanded jobs in the labor market, obtaining a SAP Master with its SAP certification is a guarantee of employment

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Why an SAP Online Master? What is SAP S / 4HANA?

SAP ERP is a complete software solution that allows you to jointly manage all the operational areas of the company: Finance, Cost accounting, Logistics, Production, Human resources, Quality, Projects, etc.

SAP S / 4 HANA is the latest version required by the manufacturer and is the solution offered by SAP to reduce the complexity of business processes, bring added value to the organization and prepare it for digital transformation.

Present and future guaranteed

SAP partners will create 600,000 jobs over the next four years. A new economic impact model from International Data Group Inc. (IDC), an information technology market research firm, predicts that employment in the partner ecosystem of the technology multinational SAP will grow to 1.6 million workers in 2024, ie 600,000 more professionals than the million registered in 2020. It is for all this that it is strongly recommended to follow a CERTIFIED SAP ONLINE MASTER.

SAP S / 4HANA Modules

SAP S / 4 Hana is a modular system that also integrates with other SAP S / 4 HANA applications.

Below we highlight the most important SAP MODULES:

SAP FI (SAP FINANZAS): financial area that is in charge of the financial and accounting processes of the company. SAP CO (SAP CONTROLLING): Internal cost management area for cost management controllers. SAP TRM / CM (SAP TREASURY): Management of a company’s cash position and forecasts as well as financial products. SAP MM (SAP LOGISTICA COMPRAS): Purchasing Logistics Management of the Purchasing process. SAP SD (SAP LOGISTICA SALES): Logistics Management of Sales, the process of Collection or Sale to the customer. SAP EWM (SAP LOGISTICA WAREHOUSES): Logistics Management of a Company’s Warehouses. SAP PP (SAP PRODUCCION): engineering area of ​​production planning. SAP PM -SAP EAM (SAP MAINTENANCE): Equipment maintenance, Asset management. SAP QM (SAP QUALITY): Quality management of a company in logistics processes. SAP HCM (SAP HR): Human Resources Management of the Company. SUCCESSFACTORS: Cloud application that integrates with SAP S / 4 Hana for the management of all HR processes. SAP PS (Project Management in SAP): Economic and temporal control and management modules for Company projects. SAP RE (SAP REAL ESTATE): Real estate management, Sales contracts, Real estate rentals. SAP ARIBA: cloud purchasing and contract management application for logistics providers.

Who is the SAP ONLINE MASTERS for?

Unemployed with or without experience looking for a career change with a change to the successful career of SAP Digital. Recent graduates who wish to develop a professional SAP career. SAP Consultants who wish to be updated or certified in the latest SAP S / 4 Hana version. Experienced users in SAP who wish to get into consulting and increase their professional possibilities

Elearning Digital is a center specializing in SAP online courses in all areas and levels, training the best professionals at the best prices.

The entire catalog of SAP Master and SAP Certified courses for all subject areas can be found at

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