Why SMEs should digitize beyond the coronavirus

“Digitization is a successful long term strategy.” As reported by Isabel Pomar, CEO of Datisa. Pomar recalls that in recent months, the capacity that digitalization can bring to companies to deliver better results has been observed.

And, as noted, digital platforms “have also helped small and medium-sized businesses lower their operating costs, automate their processes, and drastically reduce their margin for error.”

The company stresses the importance of “reassessing” the solutions adopted during the pandemic, such as combining digital tools with a more solid digitization strategy.

In addition, they consider that digitization should help to understand and facilitate digital processes, as well as to link technology and profitability at the enterprise level.

Datisa CEO points out that there are other reasons to encourage SMEs to digitize their environments. One of them is that working remotely helps support more efficient and transparent processes.

More process knowledge

On the other hand, they state that digitization will also provide better knowledge of the processes, customers, costs, benefits and profitability of different cost centers or lines of business. Through this, operations can be streamlined, customer loyalty can be enhanced and better service can be provided.

In addition, SMEs will be able to count on innovative and affordable ERP platforms. By integrating processes into an ERP platform, businesses can drive their transformation and move closer to becoming smart businesses.

“It is not a question of investing more, but of optimizing the potential of the investment made. In other words, making the technology profitable and redefining the processes as quickly as possible, ”says Isabel Pomar. According to him, many companies before the crisis were more skeptical about investing in digital strategies, but that has changed with the arrival of the pandemic. “During the pandemic, they relied unconditionally on digital technologies to survive, even evolve,” he adds.

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