Why Turkey is against India: the story of Recep Tayyip Erdogan Imran Khan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s love for Pakistan is not hidden from anyone. Erdogan is trying to make himself the new caliph of Islamic countries with the help of Pakistan and China. This is the reason why he continues to spit venom against India every day. When the United Nations General Assembly was convened last year, Erdogan raised the issue of Kashmir and said Pakistan was right. Furthering this enmity, Erdogan has now expressed his anger against India’s wrestlers.

Turkey “threatened” to quarantine Indian wrestlers
In fact, starting July 3, the World Deaf Wrestling Championship will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. A team of Indian wrestlers also had to leave for Istanbul to participate in this championship. But, when the Indian wrestling team reached the airport, it was only then that they were informed that after reaching Turkey, they would be given a mandatory 14-day quarantine. . This championship itself will end on July 8. In such a situation, question marks were raised about the inclusion of Indian wrestlers in the tournament itself.

Pakistan-Turkey to manufacture Chinese fighter jets and missiles
Pakistan and Turkey are working together on a plan to build a Chinese fighter plane. In addition, these two countries also signed a memorandum of understanding on the manufacture of missiles. Turkish officials have said their country views Pakistan as a strategic ally and is working closely with it on the Siper long-range missile defense project and the TF-X fighter jet.

India-Turkey relations: Turkey, who said Kashmir was Pakistan, sent Kovid’s aid to India, what does Erdogan want?
Pakistan to transfer nuclear bomb technology to Turkey
Experts in Greece have claimed that Pakistan is transferring nuclear bomb and missile technology to Turkey. A high-level meeting was also held between Turkey and Pakistan on this issue on December 22 and 23 last year. Erdogan said in a speech in September 2019 that some countries don’t have one but more nuclear missiles and we don’t. How can we accept it? It is said that on the strength of his friendship with Imran Khan, Turkish President Erdogan wants to realize his dream of an atomic bomb. He believes that by acquiring nuclear weapons, he will gain an advantage over the Prince of Saudi Arabia in the Islamic world.

What is Turkey’s connection to peace in Afghanistan? Does Erdogan want to become the messiah of Islamic countries again?
Turkey gives arms to Pakistani army
Turkey is currently the fourth largest supplier of arms to Pakistan. But, as defense relations between the two countries develop rapidly, the day is not far off when Pakistan will buy more than half of its weapons from that country. Pakistan currently buys most of the weapons from its all-time friend, China. In 2018, the Pakistani Army of Technology (TOT) with Turkish state-owned company ASFAT Inc. signed an agreement for four Ada-class warships as part of Project Magnum. Apart from this, Pakistan also signed an agreement with Turkey for the purchase of 30 T-129 ATAK helicopters.

Turkey wants to manufacture Chinese fighter jets, missiles with Pakistan, India’s tension will increase
Turkey ready to send mercenaries to Kashmir!
Recent reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Havar News claimed that Turkey was deploying Sadat, an organization of its mercenaries operating in Syria, to Kashmir. Sadat is led by Adnan Tanrivardi, Erdogan’s military adviser. Who appointed a terrorist named Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, born in Kashmir, to prepare a base in Kashmir. Fai served a two-year prison sentence in the United States for recruiting mercenaries against India and tax evasion of money from Pakistani intelligence agency ISI.

Sensational claim by Turkish President Erdogan, Greek journalist to send terrorists from Syria to Kashmir
Turkey-Pakistan blindly support each other
Turkey and Pakistan blindly support each other not only in defense relations, but also at the diplomatic level. Recently, during a border dispute with Greece in the Mediterranean Sea, Pakistan openly declared its support for Turkey without knowing the truth. Not only that, the navies of Pakistan and Turkey have also declared their solidarity by maneuvering in the Mediterranean Sea. In return, Turkey openly supports Pakistan in the Kashmir affair. Turkish President Erdogan even raised this issue in the UN forum. Erdogan said in February 2020 that the issue was as important to Turkey as it was to Pakistan.

How Pakistan and Turkey united against India, discover the intimate story of the Imran-Erdogan friendship
How the friendship between Turkey and Pakistan began
In fact, Turkey and Pakistan were allies of the United States during the Cold War. America took advantage of these two countries against Russia. This is the reason why Russia not only had to withdraw from Afghanistan after conceding defeat, but also had to stop the expansion of its forces in Europe and the Mediterranean. Turkey and Pakistan are also almost equal in strength. The greatest similarity between these two countries is their religion, Islam. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are both trying to become the new caliph of Islamic countries.

The story of India’s separation and proximity to Pakistan
After the Indo-Pakistani partition of 1947, Turkey’s inclination towards Pakistan was more marked. Standing in the name of Islam, Pakistan lives its bright future in friendship with Turkey. Islam has played a major role in the acceptance of Pakistan among Turks such as Kurds, Albanians and Arabs living in Turkey. Despite the secular thought of Mustafa Kamal Pasha, relations between Pakistan and Turkey have strengthened on the religious level. The rise of Islamic parties in the 1970s led by Nekmetin Erbakan reinforced the role of Islam in Turkish politics. Such political experiences also influenced Turkey’s foreign policy and supported Turkey’s proximity to Pakistan. In 1954, Pakistan and Turkey signed the Treaty of Eternal Friendship.

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