Why will this be so important in 2021? How should we deal with this among our workers?

In times of crisis, more than ever, economic problems turn into problems of personal and professional health

Financial health: why will it be so important in 2021? How should we deal with this among our workers?

While this is still the most important thing, it seems the coronavirus pandemic has reminded us that health is essential, basic … as we said, the most important. The enormous amount of unfavorable circumstances experienced during the year 2020 and which persist in these first weeks of 2021 made us think again about our well-being and that of our loved ones, a concern that has also been transferred to companies. .

And, although employee care is already a growing trend in the human resources industry, the coronavirus pandemic has come to improve all health policies for staff and also for their families. Workers have definitely “become” people and, for various reasons, people managers are more and more concerned about their physical, mental, social … and financial health on a daily basis!

Yes, because finance and economics are part of the whole that constitutes global health. The worries, stress and upheaval that financial problems can create on a personal level greatly affect the performance and happiness of workers. And this problem is much more accentuated in times of economic crisis, uncertainty, ERTE, business closures and layoffs. Financial health is more important than ever.

And the big question is: what can companies and HR do to support their employees financially? How to ensure the best financial health of the workforce? How do you try to alleviate financial problems and avoid them having an impact on work? We will talk about all of this and more next Thursday, January 28, in the webinar “Financial health, the big concern of 2021: How to take care of the economic well-being of our workers”.

The digital meeting, organized by Accrual and RRHHDigital, aims to provide the keys to financial health and how to take care of employees economically. Additionally, new ways to access the money workers earn, such as on-demand or real-time pay, will also play a prominent role in digital dating.

To talk about financial health, we will have Fernando Cabello-Astolfi, co-founder and CEO of Devengo, a collection solutions company for businesses and workers. Who better than them to give a global vision of what companies and employees are asking for in terms of financial health and access to wages. In addition, we will have human resources experts such as Ana Romeo, director of human resources of Cigna Spain, Santiago Manzanero, director of human resources of Casual Brands Group (group of companies that owns, among others, Taco Bell) and Carmen Máñez Carvajal, human resources consultant and founder of the company Seacoach.

The webinar will take place on Thursday, January 28 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and you can register by clicking here.

Register for the webinar ‘Financial health, the big concern of 2021: how to take care of the economic well-being of our workers’

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