wife killed her husband news: Woman killed her husband over allegation of child sexual abuse:

In Britain, a woman killed her own husband by pouring him boiling sugar molasses. The wife suspected her husband of sexually abusing his own children. When the wife learned of her husband’s behavior, she lost her temper. She poured several liters of hot sugar molasses on her husband while he was sleeping. Due to which the husband died from excessive burns. Now hearing in the case, Chester Crown Court has sentenced the woman to life imprisonment.

Sugar molasses was poured on an 80-year-old husband
According to the report, the accused woman has been identified as Corinna Smith, 59. She poured boiling molasses on her 80-year-old husband, Michael Baines, who was sleeping at their home in Viral, Cheshire, on July 14 of last year. This woman had lived with her husband for 38 years. But, after being badly burned, this woman left her husband in the same condition.

After 1 year of cross-examination, the court sentenced to life imprisonment
Later, with the help of neighbors, Bains was rushed to hospital. Despite his best efforts, Bains died on August 18, five weeks after being admitted to hospital. Police then arrested the accused Corinna Smith. After a seven-year trial, Chester Crown Court convicted the woman of murder and sentenced her to life in prison for at least 12 years.

Husband has been charged with sexual abuse of sons and daughters
According to the Liverpool Echo, she told the court during the hearing that she was angry at a rumor about her husband the day before the attack. The woman was told by her daughter that Michael Baines had sexually abused his own daughter and son in recent years. Smith was furious on the day of the incident and heated a bucket of water and sugar solution to kill him.

The woman ran away after burning her husband
When the woman’s husband, Michael Baines, went to sleep in his bed. Then the wife brought this hot solution from the bucket and poured it on her husband’s body. Hearing her husband’s screams, the wife left the house and ran around the neighborhood and told him about her antics. After obtaining information about the incident, the police arrived at the house, was badly burned Michael admitted to the hospital and arrested the woman.

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