Wildcat attack: Viral news: woman wakes up with a wild cat

When a woman woke up in Georgia, USA, she suffered a terrible shock. As soon as he opened his eyes, a wild cat was sitting right in front of him. Seeing this strange cat a few inches away, the woman got up on the bed and sat down. He did not understand at first what kind of cat it was. It was later discovered that it was an exotic cat found in Africa.

The woman may not have been hurt, but she was terribly afraid. Christine Frank, of Atlanta, Ga., Told media she was at her home in Brookhaven. Her husband took her dog for a walk. As we left, the door remained open. Christine was sleeping at home. He told CNN that as soon as he opened his eyes with a sudden sound, he saw this feral cat 6 inches away.

They thought this cat was not normal at all. She immediately called her husband. The two of them opened the bathroom door for the cat to come out and after a while the cat walked out. Christine says that seeing them I did not understand what kind of creature it was? He understood it from the leopard, because of which he began to be more afraid.

He said keeping such a cat is illegal and can be dangerous. Later, she and her husband called Animal Control. The cat has not yet reached their hands and the Department of Natural Resources is looking for it.

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