Will 70% of those vaccinated be enough to achieve group immunity? Experts give the keys

Updated: Sunday, May 16, 2021 2:19 PM

Published on: 05/16.2021 14:18

In 94 days, 70% of the population to be vaccinated will be immune to COVID. This is the figure envisaged by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who assures that thanks to the vaccination, the infections will decrease sharply in the months to come.

However, that 70% is enough to get group immunity due to the newer variants, which may cause us to need more immunity. Epidemiologists warn: it may need to reach 80%, and it will take time to remove the mask.

Salvador Peiró, epidemiologist, assured that the variants “clearly influence whether they reduce the effectiveness of vaccines somewhat”, although this situation has not yet occurred. “The biggest danger of the new variants is that they give us another comeback to the pandemic, that a strain that has some immune loophole will reappear, but that has not yet happened,” explained Juan Gestal, professor. Public Health Department at USC.

Even so, restrictions are expected to continue in some areas: “Distances or masks should be preserved in areas at high risk of contagion,” former WHO director Daniel López Acuña explained. . However, experts agree that this summer we should put the worst of the pandemic behind us.

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