Will America break the peace deal with the Taliban? The Biden administration has changed its trump strategy – are we going to break the peace deal with the Taliban, the Biden administration has changed Donald Trump’s strategy

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The Biden administration’s new strategy on the Taliban will now revise the peace agreement. If the Taliban join in the violence, then America can break the peace agreement. The Biden administration supports the peace negotiations in Afghanistan.
Since the change of power in the United States, the peace agreement with the Taliban has been threatened. The Biden administration is closely monitoring the extent to which the Taliban abide by the terms of the peace agreements. If the United States feels the Taliban is still trying to target its troops or increasing violence in Afghanistan, then the peace agreement may be terminated.

Support for the peace talks in Afghanistan
National Security Advisor Jack Sullivan said on Friday that the Biden administration supported the previous Trump administration’s decision to negotiate between the parties in Afghanistan. The Trump administration signed a peace deal with the Taliban in Doha in February last year. The accord prepared a plan for the withdrawal of US security forces from Afghanistan in exchange for guaranteeing the safety of rebel groups.

2,500 American soldiers still present in Afghanistan
Under this agreement, the United States has committed to withdrawing its 12,000 troops within 14 months. Only 2,500 American soldiers remain there. In the agreement, the Taliban pledged to curb activities threatening the United States or its allies, including not using Afghan land to recruit, train and fundraise for terrorist activities, including Al-Qaeda Donner was also included.

Still no clear order when the troops return
Sullivan said that in this context, we will decide on the modalities of our forces and our diplomatic strategy to move forward. At an event hosted by the American Institute of Peace, a parliament-funded think tank, he said the basic framework designed by the previous administration to create and support mechanisms for dialogue for a solution just and lasting policy to the conflict between the parties in Afghanistan, we support.

America’s Eye on the Taliban Peace Agreement
The US NSA has stated that, given the US-Taliban deal and the advancement of our forces, we support negotiations between the Afghan government, the Taliban and others to achieve a just and consistent outcome. Attacks against international forces have been halted, but the struggle with the Afghan government continues.

Taliban demand release of terrorists
To begin negotiations with the Afghan government, the Taliban demand that thousands of its members be released as part of the prisoner exchange. In September last year, direct talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban began, but no agreement has been reached so far. Violence has not abated in Afghanistan either, and targeted killings have targeted journalists, activists, politicians and female judges.

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