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Updated: Friday, January 15, 2021 2:30 PM

Published on: 01.15.2021 13:50

The elections in Catalonia will take place on May 30. The Catalan parties have agreed by a majority to postpone the Generalitat elections called for February 14.

The party table, meeting from 12 noon, accepted the date of May 30 proposed by the interim president of the government, Father Aragonés. However, despite the acceptance of the new electoral nomination, the PdeCAT, the municipalities and the CPS took a stand against this date.

In fact, at a subsequent press conference, Miquel Iceta (PSC) did not close the door to appeal the postponement of the elections. “We oppose the May 30 elections. We will read the convening decree and decide,” Iceta told media. From the PSC, they consider that “it is one thing to change the date and another to change the rules of the game when the game is already in progress”.

The move comes after the PSC presented a proposal to seek unanimity for a new date, as requested by the rest of the parties, alleging the pandemic situation. Of course, they were betting on an election before Easter, which ultimately will not be the case.

The CPS proposal came after the clash between government and government over a possible new date. From the government, they asked the minister and CPS candidate, Salvador Illa, to speak personally, while Ábalos stressed that a change would affect democratic functioning. “It does not seem fair to us that reconsiderations are made, even understanding the gravity of the situation,” Minister Ábalos told Al Rojo Vivo yesterday, saying that “no one assures us that we will be better or worse by this date. .

This Friday, it was CPS deputy José Zaragoza who criticized the government for wanting to postpone the elections. “When it seems that the separatists risk losing, the elections propose to suspend it. In Portugal, you can vote and in many other countries. We do not understand that you can go to school but not go to vote,” he said. Zaragoza insisted in an interview with Public Mirror.

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