Will I be able to travel at Christmas? How about having dinner with my family or going out on New Years Eve? These are the measures proposed by the government

Posted: Wednesday November 25 2020 11:24

These are still proposals, but both the central government and the autonomous communities are already designing their plans for Christmas and many doubts arise. Here we answer the main

I work or study outside of my community, can I come back for Christmas?

In principle yes. But if it can be avoided, it is better not to travel on these dates. The draft health plan proposes “to avoid as a general rule travel which is not strictly necessary”, and takes advantage of “the regulations which are then in force in the territory of destination” to define whether it is accessible or not. .

<< In the event that, exceptionally, a trip must be made on national territory, both inter-community and intra-community, it must be carried out in complete safety: compliance with the recommendations indicated in each means of transport, use of a mask, frequent hand washing and maintenance of physical distance, ”recalls the project to which laSexta had access.

University students, in the action plan, are invited to “limit social interactions in the days before their return home and to take extreme preventive measures” to avoid contagion. “Once at home, they should try to limit contact, interacting mostly outside rather than inside, and wear masks,” he insists as a proposal.

And if I live abroad, can I go back?

In the event that a citizen residing abroad and whose country of origin is included in those established as risk zones comes to spend Christmas in our country, he must undergo a diagnostic test, carried out within 72 hours. previous arrivals in Spain.

Can I have dinner or lunch with my family on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners, the government will allow, if this project becomes final, meetings of more than six people as long as they belong to the same coexistence group, whether or not they are members. of the family. And the distance between the guests must be maintained. Madrid or Catalonia, for example, speak of a maximum of 10 people.

Of course, the government’s plan is also to recommend avoiding or minimizing “social gatherings (work parties, former students, sports clubs, etc.)”. But, if they do take place, they are limited to a maximum of six participants and, preferably, abroad. Always, of course, with 6M in mind.

The document is exhaustive when it states that people who “have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are still in a period of communicability” should not attend any family or social gatherings, “have symptoms of COVID-19″, ” are awaiting COVID-19 Diagnostic Test Results “or” may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. ” In other words, from December 10.

Can I visit the elderly in the residences?

The document states that “during the Christmas period, the number of visits to the centers can be increased, ensuring that hygiene and preventive measures and the safety distance are respected”. In addition, he specifies that “when a resident returns to a socio-sanitary center, a diagnostic test for active infection will be carried out and the days following re-entry, surveillance and preventive measures will be carried out” .

Can I go out for grapes at Puerta del Sol or celebrate the New Year?

The mayor of Madrid has already asked to avoid going to Puerta del Sol, to avoid the crowds. In addition, the hours will be reduced, as the curfew will continue. In all cases, it is each autonomous community that decides the timetable.

The executive expresses in the project the idea that on December 24 and 31, coinciding with Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the curfew hours will be slightly extended, between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. But Madrid, for example, offers a curfew at 1:30 or even 2:00.

In this context, it is recalled in the plan “that the consumption of alcohol is not authorized on the public highway, nor the consumption of tobacco and is assimilated when a minimum interpersonal distance of at least two meters cannot be respected “.

Will there be a Three Kings Parade?

The government recommends against holding parades or other mass street celebrations. “They assume situations of high risk of transmission due to the high number of participants, the intensity of the contacts and the difficulty in mitigating the associated risks,” the project explains. They propose in the project that it be static parades to avoid crowds.

Can I run the San Silvestre?

The executive does not oppose its celebration, but requests that “it does not interfere with limiting the time of nighttime mobility and using strategies to reduce contact between runners”, such as capacity limitation , staggered departures or the division of participation into several days. It is also recommended that it be made without an audience and that it be shown on television.

Will I be able to go to the mass of the rooster?

This year, the government recommends not singing loudly and maintaining a safe distance. Music must be pre-recorded during the celebrations.

In addition, the celebration of Rooster Mass will be conditioned by curfews. According to the project, religious acts can be celebrated “as long as they do not interfere with the limitation of the time of nocturnal mobility. In this case, a television broadcast thereof can be offered as an alternative.

Can I go shopping and Christmas markets?

The government’s plan is to leave the autonomous communities with the conditions under which small businesses, department stores or Christmas markets can operate.

However, it is recommended to “organize purchases in advance to avoid crowds in the streets and shopping centers”. Therefore, he urges you to do your Christmas shopping before the holiday weeks.


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