Will people be vaccinated with antibodies, will we know which ones we will have them?

Updated: Monday, November 23, 2020 5:29 PM

Published on: 11/23/2020 5:28 PM

We know that the vaccination against COVID in Spain will begin in January 2021, and that the order of vaccination will be marked according to the priority groups. In addition, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, yesterday announced some additional details on the vaccination plan that he will present on November 24, such as for example that the inoculation will be done by health centers.

However, now more doubts arise, as what is happening with people who have already suffered from the disease, with these young people who have previous pathologies or whether the least effective vaccine, that of AstraZeneca at the moment, will be provided. people with less risk of suffering from seriousness during contagion. laSexta wanted to address each of these issues. We explain them to you:

Will people who already have antibodies be vaccinated?

Experts believe that in this first step, it should not be taken into account whether a person has already suffered from COVID-19. The reason is that the exact period of immunity is unknown, i.e. how long these antibodies protect us.

In this context, as explained by Amós García, president of the Spanish Vaccination Association, “it is necessary to develop a vaccine activity in them to protect them”.

Are we going to know what vaccine they are going to give us?

We will know which laboratory produced the dose that was injected to us, as with any other vaccine in order to assess possible mild side effects in the population.

This is how Dr García explained it: “It will be listed in the medical history of this citizen. It must be accompanied by the batch of the vaccine and the name of the vaccine in order to assess the minor side effects of the product. “.

However, it is hoped that there is no choice between one or the other. “It is not a restaurant menu in which you choose the type of vaccine,” explained Dr López Acuña, former director of WHO, who clarified that “it will depend on the logistical capacity to keep the vaccine and reach the vaccination points “.

For now, Spain has already predicted that vaccine doses would be available from Moderna, Pfizer and Oxford, but the European Union has already signed five different contracts with more laboratories.

What percentage of efficacy does a vaccine need?

According to the former director of the World Health Organization, “for this to make sense, the vaccine must have between 65 and 70% minimum immunity.”

For this reason, experts ask for caution, as pharmaceutical companies have provided figures between 70% and 90% immunity, but without giving more details about it.

What will happen to the population who do not want to be vaccinated?

In principle, it will not be compulsory, as the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, explained last week. Even so, it will be essential to provide as much information as possible to allay concerns that could lead many to not want to inoculate it.

“To generate maximum trust and maximum adherence to the program, transparency and information are essential,” explained former Health Secretary José Martínez Olmos.

In addition, epidemiologists estimate that in Spain it will be necessary to vaccinate around 35 million people for collective protection to be generated.

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