will perform 4,500 daily tests on its production workers

SEAT resists COVID-19: it will perform 4,500 daily tests on its production workers

As part of SEAT’s commitment to the health of its workers, measures to effectively protect them against COVID-19 continue to be a priority for the company in 2021. As of January 1, SEAT has achieved more than 15,000 tests with its employees and has a comprehensive rapid testing plan in place, which goes into effect tomorrow, under which more than 10,000 workers from all workplaces will be tested for antigens twice a week, with an average of 4,500 tests per day. The aim of this measure is to minimize the risk of epidemics in the workplace and to make the public health network more flexible, given the alarming increase in cases in the social sphere and the progression of the British strain of the coronavirus, which has an estimated 56% higher contagion capacity.

SEAT was the first company in Spain to take the decision to massively test its workforce in the first phase of the pandemic. In total, since April 2020, and including PCRs and rapid antigen tests, the company has performed more than 55,000 tests to date. The detection of positive cases was really low, since, on the tests carried out at 100% of the staff, the positive cases were 0.6%, in April, 1%, in September and 0.7%, in January, a percentage very far from the average positivity of his environment, currently around 10%.

“The health and safety of our employees is and always will be a priority at SEAT,” said SEAT Vice President of Human Resources and Organization Xavier Ros. “In the most difficult phase of the health crisis, we have demonstrated our commitment to this and implemented measures that have proven effective in controlling the virus. This is why we are convinced that continuing in this line of prevention, by strictly respecting the recommended measures (masks, safety distance and hand hygiene), in addition to carrying out massive tests, will help us to protect all of us who do so. part. company and the Volkswagen group in Spain ”.

Three-phase vaccination plan

With the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines in Spain, SEAT is working on a plan that will allow its workers to be vaccinated as vaccine availability increases, still in coordination with the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The company has expressed to the authorities its willingness to collaborate in various ways on the vaccination plan for the population and thus help reduce the burden on the public system.

With this offer, the company once again demonstrates its commitment to society and the fight against the pandemic, as it did during the first wave. In April, in record time and using parts from the windshield of its SEAT Len model, the company manufactured more than 600 emergency ventilators, which were sent to hospitals across the country at one point. where the ICUs were saturated. SEAT has also mobilized to manufacture, in collaboration with other companies, surgical masks from filters in the paint shop of the Martorell plant, not to mention the donation of 142,000 euros to the #YoMeCorono project against COVID -19.

Apart from this, and with regard to the workers themselves, the company has developed a three-phase vaccination plan, which should be implemented as the number of vaccines available increases and without interfering with the plans of supplying authorities. In the first, it was proposed to vaccinate all the health staff of its staff, composed of more than 50 people. In a second step, and always with the collaboration of the health authorities, we hope to be able to vaccinate all the personnel at risk and more exposed to the virus, before being able to pass to a phase of mass vaccination.

At the same time, and as part of the Scientific Committee of SEAT Healthy Company, of which Dr Bonaventura Clotet has been an honorary member and scientific advisor for 5 years, SEAT offers its workers the possibility of voluntarily participating in a phase 3 study on COVID- vaccines. 19 under development.

New medical centers in 2020

In the year of the pandemic, despite the fact that the company has focused its efforts on protecting workers from the coronavirus, it has not neglected the expansion of health services it offers to its workers and employees. Volkswagen group employees in Spain.

This year SEAT is launching a new medical center in the new automotive meeting space in the heart of Barcelona, ​​CASA SEAT. These facilities have a fixed sanitary service, in order to serve both employees and visitors, exhibitors and workers of other Volkswagen group companies located in the city.

Also in 2020, SEAT and Volkswagen Financial Services launched CARS Madrid, SEAT’s second Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center (CARS), which provides assistance and prevention services to the Volkswagen group’s 1,350 workers in Madrid. Located at the head office of the financial company in Alcobendas, this new advanced medicine space offers health services in the fields of occupational medicine, nursing consultations, medical surveillance activities and medical examinations, which will be incorporated this year. physiotherapy and rehabilitation services.

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