Will PM Oli accept the defeat of Prachanda, be the PM president after being expelled from the party? – Kp Sharma Oli to resign as Nepalese Prime Minister after being kicked out of the Nepalese Communist Party, what will be the political future

Political enthusiasts rose again after the dismissal of Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli from his own party. The political future of Oli, 68, is also in question. People believe that Oli’s political future is now in danger after being ousted from the ruling Communist Nepalese Party. But PM Oli isn’t the type to give up so easily either.

Will Oli accept this decision of the opposing faction?

PM Oli can refuse to accept the decision of the party standing committee. He can argue that the party did not participate fully in this committee. It is true that no leader of the Oli faction attended this meeting. In such a situation, even the party constitution experts believe that the faction cannot easily reject Oli’s claim.

Will Oli be removed from the PM position?

The Parliament of Nepal was dissolved at this time. Due to which Oli acts as Prime Minister. In such a situation, being out of the party will not have much of an effect. If Oli was currently full-time Prime Minister of Nepal, then his presidency would have been in danger somewhere. In such a situation, despite being removed from the party, Oli will easily take over the presidency of the Nepalese Prime Minister until the next elections.

Will Oli accept Prachanda’s defeat?

Experts on Nepalese politics believe that now the matter has evolved so far that it is not possible for Oli to bow to Prachanda. In such a situation, PM Oli can oppose the decision to be expelled from the party. It is also possible that the faction supported by Oli will organize a separate meeting to free Prachanda from the party. The battle for party domination is going to be even more severe.

Who will command the party from Oli and Prachanda?

The Nepalese Communist Party suddenly split in two. In this case, one faction is led by PM Oli, while Prachanda is led by the opposing faction. In such a situation, both groups can claim the party and the symbol of the election. This case is more likely to go to court. On the advice of the Election Commission, the Supreme Court of Nepal can pronounce the verdict on any party.

Oli has already been dismissed as president

It was decided to oust Prime Minister Oli at the party’s standing committee meeting on Sunday. The Prachanda faction accused Prime Minister Oli of violating party discipline. He also said that Oli himself was responsible for being expelled from the party. The party has already removed Oli from the post of president.

Oli due to anti-party activities

The Prachanda faction had called for a response from Oli on anti-party activities and the decision to dissolve parliament. The party had asked for clarification in its show cause notice asking why action should not be taken against you for anti-party activities. Please provide a satisfactory explanation within three days. However, Olly didn’t respond to any. After which, it was decided to exclude it.

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