Will the royal household allow the King Emeritus to return for Christmas? The obstacles to the return of Juan Carlos I to Spain

Updated: Friday, December 11, 2020 12:55 PM

Published on: 12.11.2020 09:42

The Royal Household is reportedly not in favor of the King Emeritus returning to Spain for Christmas, as El País advanced on Friday, citing government sources. They say that Zarzuela considers that a return of Juan Carlos I at this time would be premature and inopportune.

According to these same sources, the Royal House fears that the return of Juan Carlos I will harm the monarchy. This, while the details of his alleged opaque income continue to reveal itself and as the monarch tries to regularize his tax situation, after having paid this week more than 678,000 euros to the Treasury.

According to the aforementioned media, the government shares Zarzuela’s opinion, despite the fact that the executive did not want to speak out publicly on the matter, and believes that his return would aggravate the institutional crisis weighing on the Crown. Moreover, when, for the moment, the investigations which affect the former head of state have not yet been put aside.

As “El País” revealed today, some people around him would encourage him to return to Spain, even against the advice of the government and the royal family. If he ultimately chooses not to come to Spain over Christmas, there is every indication that he would do so early next year.

Juan Carlos I has already expressed to friends with whom he spoke in recent weeks, before the fiscal regularization of his cards, that his wish is to return to the Palacio de la Zarzuela, according to ‘El Mundo’

According to the version collected by this newspaper, he did not transfer to his interlocutors any challenge, but the aspiration to come back to settle in what was the residence of his life if Felipe VI accepts it. The public complex in the Spanish capital has been his residence since 1962 and he only officially left it last August, when he announced his departure from the country.

“I left Zarzuela and I want to go back to Zarzuela,” he assured friends – according to ‘El Mundo’, who offered him accommodation or residences in other areas of Madrid which do not belong to the State heritage.

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