Will Trump’s 9-day tenure be heavy? Opposition to bring impeachment motion for second time

Washington has only 9 days left in the presidential term. On January 20, Joe Biden will assume the new US presidency. But, after the attack on the US Capitol (US Parliament), Donald Trump will be 9 days older. A fully united opposition against him will soon present the impeachment motion. If this proposal is tabled, Trump’s unrest is sure to escalate, as many Republicans in his Republican party are also in his favor. Nancy Pelosi has opened the front against Trump Trump US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday that the House would act as president. At the same time, he also called on Vice President Mike Pence and Trump’s cabinet to kick Trump out using Article 25. Pelosi said the assets are a threat to democracy. Trump will become the only president to face impeachment action twice as soon as this proposal is tabled. The impeachment motion will not be tabled if Pelosi’s impeachment motion tells his colleagues in a letter that the first vote will take place in the House for Vice President Mike Pence to use powers obtained under the 25th Amendment to remove Trump of its functions. He said if that does not happen, the bill will be tabled in the House to be impeached for 24 hours. We must take immediate action to protect our Constitution and our democracy, as democracy and the Constitution are threatened by President Trump’s presidency. An outcry in the US parliament On Monday, the team led by Pelosi will ask Pence and cabinet ministers to vote on a resolution to implement the 25th Amendment. Since Parliament is not in session, there may be objection to his idea. Pelosi will then propose to the plenary chamber on Tuesday. If it is to pass, Pence and Cabinet will have 24 hours before the impeachment process in the House. With the acceleration of the impeachment process, pressure on Trump to resign before his term has increased. Arnold Schwarzenegger Condemned Trump Trump Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger compared the outcry and violence from Trump supporters on the U.S. Capitol to the Nazis and described Trump as a failing leader who would become the worst president in the world. story Ira The Republican leader posted a video on social media on Sunday, claiming that everything that happened in America on Wednesday reminded him of the Nazis’ Night of Broken Glass. In 1938, during the invasions of Germany and Australia, the Nazis ransacked the homes, schools and businesses of the Jews known as “Kristallnat or Knight of Broken Glass.” Documents prepared by US diplomats on attack on Parliament In an unprecedented development, US diplomats prepared two documents condemning Trump supporters for inciting an attack on the Capitol Building (Parliament) and supporting the 25th Amendment to impeach him State Department officials said last Wednesday’s incident severely shocked America’s reputation for promoting and defending democratic values ​​around the world. The document calls for Trump’s impeachment, stating that if Trump remains in the presidency it will further damage democracy and hamper the way in which he effectively achieves his foreign policy goals. The document calls on Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo to support the legal efforts of Vice President Pence and other cabinet members to implement the 25th Amendment. The impeachment motion was first introduced in December 2019, the impeachment motion was passed in December 2019 in the House of Representatives against Trump for abuse of power. After several weeks of investigations into allegations of corruption against Trump, the majority House of Representatives of the Democratic Party in December accused the president of abuse of power and obstruction of the action of Congress (Parliament). However, the charges were dismissed in the Senate after a two-week hearing.

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