William Shakespeare dies: first man to receive Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine in the world dies in UK: William Shakespeare dies from first vaccine vaccine

The man named William Shakespeare, the first person in the world to receive the Corona vaccine, has died. William was also known as Bill Shakespeare. He was 81 at the time of his death. He made history by becoming the first person to get a corona vaccine in 2020. After which his name was also discussed a lot.

The vaccine was introduced on December 8 last year
William Shakespeare received the first dose of the Pfizer Corona vaccine at University Hospital in Coventry and Warwickshire on December 8 last year. With this, he became the first man in the world to receive the dose of Corona vaccine. Since then, his name has been much discussed in the media. Shakespeare received his first dose of the vaccine at the same hospital soon after Margaret Keenan, 91.

Call for a vaccine to pay tribute
People associated with William Shakespeare’s family have said he died of an unrelated illness. It has nothing to do with Kovid-19. Shakespeare’s friend and Chancellor of Coventry, Jane Innes, said she died on May 20. Vaccination is the best way to honor Bill.

Kovid did not die of any other illness
According to the CoventryLive report, Bill or William Shakespeare died of prolonged illness at the vaccination hospital. However, it was not linked to the corona virus. Shakespeare worked in the famous Rolls Royce company. In addition, he was also elected chancellor of the parish city. Shakespeare has served his local community in Allesley for over three decades

Shakespeare was associated with the Labor Party
The BBC reported that Shakespeare left behind a family full of Joy wives, sons and daughters and grandchildren. The West Midlands Labor Group said on Twitter that Bill made headlines around the world after the introduction of the Corona vaccine. His decades of service to the party were recently recognized by Labor Party leader Keir Starr.

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