William Shakespeare vaccinated in Britain during Pfizer campaign: Great Britain: William Shakespeare receives Corona virus vaccine, “ Hamlet ” missing

Pfizer has started to present its vaccine to the British against the Corona virus. For this reason, Tuesday was a historic day, an interesting case arose in a British city. In fact, the second person to receive the vaccine was William Shakespeare. Apparently, when people learned about this on social media, they began to remember playwright William Shakespeare, one of the greatest and most famous figures in the history of literature. Even his dialogue “To be or not to be” written in “Hamlet”, people started to write “To V or not to V” for the vaccine.

William sitting in a hospital gown

William Shakespeare, 81, from Warwickshire, UK. William received the dose after Maggie Keenan, 90, the first person in the world to receive the vaccine. During this time his photo was taken in which he was seen in a hospital gown and he was wearing a lot of fancy slippers. He appreciated and also thanked the administration of the hospital.

Remembrance of historical literature

When his photos and name were shared on social media, people began to remember the great man of letters. His works have also been recalled and many famous statements about the disease. The peculiarity is that William also comes from the same county in which “Bard” was born in Stratford. Lots of people have also said that anything can happen in 2020, it is no surprise that the person named William Shakespeare received the vaccine first.

The Minister of Health could not stop the tears

Previously, giving information on the launch of the vaccination campaign, the country’s Minister of Health Matt Hancock could not stop the tears. He said this has been a tough year for many people and William Shakespeare is teaching people that we can live our lives now. He said if everyone in danger could get the vaccine, then life would be normal.

First dose for 90-year-old Maggie

At the same time, the first person in the world to receive this vaccine, Maggie Keenan is not happy. Maggie, who was wearing a blue “Merry Christmas” t-shirt, smiled under the mask. She told people that if she could get the vaccine at 90, everyone could. They say he gets the chance to get the vaccine first.

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