wind noise on Mars: NASA’s Perseverance rover sends audio from Winds of Mars: NASA’s rover sent sounds from Mars

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NASA’s Perseverance sent from Mars The sound of the winds recorded in the microphone on the mast will be detected by a laser shot on the rock.
The US Space Agency’s Perseverance Rover, which searches for life on Mars, sent recorded voices to its microphone. The camera is able to hear the sound of winds blowing across Mars, while the microphone records the sound of laser strikes. This rover has 23 cameras and 2 microphones that will send data to mission control on Earth. On this basis, life will be discovered there.

In the first audio, the rover heard the winds from the Red Planet. It was recorded by Rover’s SuperCam microphone. This microphone is mounted on its mast. The mast was lowered when this sound was recorded, so the sound is heard more slowly.

The second sound is that of laser strikes. The sound heard in a rhythm like a heartbeat has different intensities. Based on this, the researcher will find out how the structure of the rock hit by the laser.
How do cameras and microphones work?
The Perseverance has 23 cameras and 2 microphones. The Mastcam-Z in its mast will zoom in on such targets where there is a possibility of a scientifically interesting discovery. The mission science team will command Perseverance’s SuperCam to fire a laser at this target, generating a cloud of plasma. The chemical structure of the target can be understood by its analysis. If something urgent is found there, the rover’s robotic arm will run further.

NASA sent voices from Mars

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